Obama Looking Pissed as He Inspects Ugly “Sea Wall” Being Built to Protect His New Oahu Mansion – IOTW Report

Obama Looking Pissed as He Inspects Ugly “Sea Wall” Being Built to Protect His New Oahu Mansion

UK Daily Mail

Barack Obama

has been pictured at his new multimillion-dollar Hawaii mansion for the very first time, but he did not yet appear to be on island time. 

Far from being in beach mode, Obama appeared to be deep in conversation as he spoke with workers from local  building firm Armstrong Builders, who are currently constructing his beachfront compound on the island of Oahu. 

Dressed in beige pants and a grey polo shirt, Obama looked tense as he was pictured speaking with builders and architects. More

60 Comments on Obama Looking Pissed as He Inspects Ugly “Sea Wall” Being Built to Protect His New Oahu Mansion

  1. They’re building a wall. Of course he is pissed.
    They’re building it because of globull warming. He is pissed because he knows it’s a sham. And now his beautiful view is destroyed.

  2. The real story isn’t about his scowling, pissed off face. The real story is about how the fuck this public parasite can afford a Hawaiian beach front property in addition to his Martha’s Vineyard property.

    MSM, are you interested at all? (crickets…)

  3. He’ll really be pissed when the entire island is underwater because of global warming in about eight years – along with his mansion on Martha’s Vinyard.

    He may have to move into Al Gore’s seaside mansion or AOC’s domain with that mysterious garbage disposal.

  4. Climate change-May the Farce be with you. Martha’s Vineyard and now Hawaii ocean front properties, yeah climate change more political sh*t meant to destroy the middle class while enriching the parasite class like the Kenyan. Did Netflix pay him enough to afford both homes or is his “friend” Marty footing the bill in Hawaii? Or is he the typical AA person, spending money as quick as it comes in the door thinking the gravy train will never end?

  5. and by a show of hands, who thinks he travels to and from these island mansions by green technology?

    A Kon-tiki raft, a giant hamster wheel in a boat, a solar powered prop plane, a wind powered glider???

    It is good to be king, isn’t it?

  6. Left Coast Dan,

    I like that “globull warming”.

    Consider it Stolen.

  7. Bwaaah, Look at those socks. I bet they have the fuzzy little balls on the backs. I’ll also bet they’re larger than his. I can’t get my legs that close together.

  8. Brad,

    Feminine, like the picture of him riding the Nantucket style bicycle vs Ronnie Reagan Jumping his white horse over a fence in a Pink Shirt and looking SOLID!

    Reagan was Fuckin Cool!

  9. If he’s pissed about that I can’t wait to see his reaction to his other beachfront property…GITMO! And soon I do hope.

  10. The article says the mansion used for “Magnum P.I.” was torn down so Obama could build 3 homes and 2 pools on the site.

    I’m surprised no one has carved “FJB” or “LGB” or “Obama sucks” into the sea wall.

  11. He’s pissed because they set the basketball nets to regulation height instead of 8 inches down like he asked.

    OT, how do I make the Instacart add hogging up a quarter of my screen go away?

  12. How does Barky afford it? I read yesterday about a nine figure deal he and Big Mike had with Spotify. Don’t know if that was a typo or not.

  13. I think we should start selecting leaders in single combat death matches. You know, “Two men enter, one man leaves”.

    It would keep people from being able to make a cult centered in the old leader.

    It would also make it impossible for a wuss like the Indonesian to ever be president.

    It would also be entertaining as hell, and ensure only REALLY dedicated people vie for the job, and CERTAINLY free up a lot of pension spending and Secret Service agents.

    …think about it…

  14. Barky 0bama looks like he’s been spending a lot of time at the beach…..

    He’s darkened up a lot…..house to field darkened.

  15. and why do we have to read a UK rag about something in our own backyard.

    If one wants a more complete news reporting from even local, small town, stories, you can get a lot of them in foreign rags like the Daily Mail.

    You can see how little MSM shows normal America.

    Some of the she stories can feel like breaking scoops because you’re hard pressed to find them on main news sites. But don’t be surprised to find it’s source is some local American rag with a month old dateline.

  16. Barry, the entitled leftist can’t get what he wants all the time. Welcome to the real world pompous jerk.

  17. “I think we should start selecting leaders in single combat death matches. You know, “Two men enter, one man leaves”.”

    So only the most muscle bound goon gets to rule.

    I’mma hard pass on that one.

    At least weapons being involved could include women. Don’t be so misogynist-y!

  18. “mysterious garbage disposal.”

    “Any pictures of a serf without a mask or is only their master who is exempt?”

    ^^ My fave comments here so far.

    ¡BENITO THE BOMBED BEANER! YAY! Good to see you!

  19. Shelly will still claim she’s oppressed after the third mansion is built.
    DC, Nantucket and HI. 3 of the most expensive places to buy real estate and live in the country.

    And what’s with the gay sneakers?

  20. He’s pissed because the contractor is trying to explain the supply chain to him, and how his boy Joey has fucked it all up, and now he can’t get all the little gold-plated goodies for his new crib.

  21. “I think we should start selecting leaders in single combat death matches. You know, “Two men enter, one man leaves”.

    Athletic people lead balanced live and are better decision makers. Case in point Ron DeSantis. Only people with moobs would not understand this. LOL

  22. “Michael, I’m sick of this shit with the seawall. I’m going over to Bobby Titcomb’s for bong hits and a blow-job. Don’t wait up.”

  23. “but he did not yet appear to be on island time. ”

    Maybe, but he’s still livin’ on C.P. time.

    Ask MJ to explain it.

  24. His ugly sea wall doesn’t look any uglier to me than when she showed up on the National scene around 2004. I have heard ugly as a mud fence, but this is the first time I have heard someone refer to their ugly ass wife as a sea wall.

  25. Wouldn’t it be great to see this headline: “A 5,000 ton boulder rolled down the mountain behind Obama’s beachside mansion and crushed both Obama and the ex-first lady”.

  26. @BENITO –


    Ummm, I think you should compare his “package” to Michael’s, rather than his arms. Spoiler alert: Michael has him beat with inches to spare.

    p.s. Welcome back.

  27. Hawaii can have him. All the demorats there deserve him. Hope there are traffic jams everywhere he goes on the island until he leaves “on da plane” for his other mansion. Mansion seems like a funny word when talking about Obami. Nothing “man” about him.


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