PBS Finds 23 Seconds for Dow Jones Average Passing 28,000 — ABC, CBS, NBC Spiked It


16 Comments on PBS Finds 23 Seconds for Dow Jones Average Passing 28,000 — ABC, CBS, NBC Spiked It

  1. It’s just insane how openly vicious these people have become.
    It must be the desperation has caused them to abandon all discretion.
    They should face a class action lawsuit for their fraudulent claim of being a news source.

  2. Phox Nooz top of the hour radio blurb routinely announces every drop in the Dow no matter how small. I’ve heard Lisa Brady declare it closed down as little as 7 points which is something they never did this during Obama’s 2 terms.

    How petty.

  3. Do you know that I came up with the idea for Sesame Street? I came up with it before PBS. The white man stole it. That’s right. I was gonna call it ’N.W.P.’—Niggaz Wit’ Puppets. Catchy, ain’t it?

  4. Obama was no more than a useful idiot for the deep state. He did as directed and all was swimming along nicely until Trump put a wrench in the works.

  5. Liberals live in an alternate reality. According to my flaming liberal neighbor, the economy is terrible, Trump has failed in his promise to bring back manufacturing jobs, more farmers have declared bankruptcy than during the Great Depression. We, apparently are in “late stage capitalism” which Marx predicted would usher in communism. 🙄

  6. Not to worry. Start using OANN, Epoch Times and other sources as your primary news providers. There are only about 27% of adult people living in the U.S. (I won’t call them Americans) who lap up that nonsense from cable media, anyways. Cut your cable, stop watching/listening to them and watch their profitability tank. Nothing will get their attention faster than to be ex-billionaires.Ironic, right? Hugely amusing that those who espouse and support communism make their fortunes because of capitalism.

  7. The Media is “Never” going to give Trump credit for anything.

    B & M Obama current Net Worth: $70 Million.
    B & H Clinton’s Net Worth: $145 Million.
    How much of America have they sold?

    Chelsea Clinton net worth: $15 Million
    Malia Obama net worth: $100 Thousand.
    During the summer of 2016 Malia interned in the U.S. Embassy in Madid, Spain. Malia began an internship with Hollywood film producer “Harvey Weinstein” in 2017.

  8. Wait for the market to fall a few points and it’s Trump’s fault for causing what’s soon to be the end of the world.

    Anyone care to guess where the market might be today if Hillary was elected? If it was 10,000 points lower she would be receiving maximum credit for how great things are.

  9. The wind may change in the markets at anytime with some events who knows? But Trump’s policies are winners even though they refuse to see that. They’ll scorch and salt the Earth to make it not so.

  10. It’s stories like this. Spread by tellers like these. That make the “People who, even, can, think… vote progressive” myth so hard to refute.


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