Portland is housing and funding the rioters!!!

This should turn the stomach of any thinking individual. Which means, democrats will have no problem with this.

This is disgusting.

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  1. Slingshots? I, at the VERY least, have a wristrocket!

    Who in the Portland government or other is supplying this land for this war encampment?

    THIS well thought out place needs…to be ERADICATED NOW, that the patriot citizen sunlight has exposed it, THIS is the real virus we need to be FIGHTING.

  2. Antifa barracks. In Portland, they’re a small, government-funded army living on public land in their own army tents. Fifty years ago, who would have thought that ‘Progressivism’ would lead to this?

  3. There’s a similar encampment in a park near the East Precinct in Seattle. It’s not as big and for the past few days and nights SPD has been sweeping it. Wonder why the change in tactic?

  4. If it’s true that citizen tax payers are funding the housing for the people destroying their city. It’s complete madness.

    Who approves the funding? The mayor Ted Wheeler, a city or county council, both? Or some other group in charge of funding?

    Portland has a very odd [defective imo] election system for electing their mayor. Called a “blanket primary election”.

    Which is aka, a “jungle primary”. An appropriate name. As it fits the state of the city.

    Candidates for the office are all on the ballot with no political party identification. In 2016 Ted Wheeler was one of 15 candidates. Winning with a clear majority of 54.7% of votes cast. No later runoff election required.

    Second and 3d place finishers accounting for another 27.4% of votes. 3d place was won by Sarah Iannarone (who has been mentioned as a worse choice than Ted, and possible winner of this year’s election) with 11.8% of the vote. I have no idea of the political views of 2nd place finisher, Jules Bailey with 16.6% of votes, if he too is a nutjob, or someone with common sense.

    It certainly looks like a very high majority of Portlanders are getting what they voted for.

    But how could they not when they split their votes between 15 candidates? However, seeing what Oregon elects for a governor. Changing the city election process probably wouldn’t help to elect someone better.

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Portland,_Oregon_mayoral_election .

  5. The scene from Gone With The Wind where the civilians go up and clear out the logging camp (because the soldiers won’t) comes to mind.

  6. It would not surprise me if the City was being paid to provide this through, say, a “grant” from a Soros group.

    How do the people of Portland feel about their government providing material support to groups engaged in rioting and destruction?

  7. Government funded terrorists…America is lost, as we sit, mesmerized by our flickering screens conditioned to the BS.

  8. Sitting ducks. Anyone with half a brain knows you don’t position the Command Post below enemy lines, and never bring a slingshot to a gunfight.

    Is this the poor man’s version of Seattle’s #CHOP? It would appear they’re lacking a warlord, someone with leadership qualities and the skill set required to colonize across the land post Revolution. They haven’t even figured out you can’t plant Victory Gardens in concrete.

  9. Slingshot launched Molotovs………..
    Or a two stage;
    #1 launch many gas filled containers that will break (balloons, bottles)
    Once that has had a chance to spread around
    #2 launch several lit fuses
    ‘Nuff said.

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