Promiscuity Linked To Cancer

Paul Joseph Watson at Summit News

A new study has found that engaging in sexual promiscuity increases the risk of getting cancer by as much as 91 per cent.

“Experts found older women who had ten or more lifetime lovers were 91 per cent more likely to be diagnosed with the disease, compared to those who only had one,” reports the Sun.

The study by Anglia Ruskin University scientists shows that many cancers such as cervical, prostate and oral are linked to sexually transmitted infections. The higher the number of partners, the more likely someone is to get infected. More

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  1. No. Everybody slow down.

    There are increased cancer rates associated with HPV infection, which is sexually transmitted.

    Not all cancers are HPV associated.

    Cervical cancer, anal cancer, oral SQUAMOUS CELL carcinoma, yes.

    Unless some new research has been publish, there’s no connection with prostate, testicular, ovarian, endometrial, etc cancers and HPV.

    Yes, I’m a doctor. Pathologist. Cancer is my bread and butter.

    Until I read this person’s findings and it informs me differently, this is a big NO from me.

  2. Harbqll

    I’m being told that HPV can lay dormant for a long time and something like an infection can set it off. Do you know anything about this?

  3. And so, this article purports to verify the veracity of Scripture (which needs no verification from human sources), for it stands Written: “Be not deceived, God is not mocked. For whatever a man soweth, this he will also reap.”

  4. So basically, Hillary will live forever because I doubt Bill has touched her in the last 35 years.

    But, Web did her at least once.

  5. Having the body fluids of many different men shooting the contents of their glands into your uterus – or worse, your asshole – just ain’t the Rx for a long life.

    But you have to imagine what else in the lifestyles of these people would contribute to early death: like binge drinking, smoking, not sleeping, etc.

  6. I read another report which was quite clear: this has nothing to do with HPV and they do not imply any causality.

    They did a statistical study which found that women who had 10 or more ‘lovers’ (not one-night-stands, but ‘partners’) have a dramatically increased risk of cancers. Again: numbers only with NO CLINICAL work done as to ‘why’.

    The safe-zone is apparently 0-1…

    They did note that people with 5+ partners had a higher chance of smoking and drinking, and most like more physically active too (gym/sport).

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