Riding the Nork’s “Red Line”

It wasn’t long ago that foreigners were allowed to only ride between two stations on Pyongyang’s subway system. But recent visitors were allowed to ride the whole system and take pictures.



Considered the deepest subway system in the world, it takes 4 minutes by escalator just to ride down to the platform. They dug it deep, it doubles as a nuclear bomb shelter.

See an amazing series of 60 photos of each station and the people riding the rails beneath the streets of North Korea’s capital.




Each station is a monument to the Communist regime. The whole system is like a step 60 years into the past.

11 Comments on Riding the Nork’s “Red Line”

  1. Surreal. The few faces in the photos all expressed misery.

    I didn’t read many comments, but of those that I did, none seemed to notice, nor care, about the actual people in the photos.

    Reminds me of the saying that we’re only a generation away from losing our freedoms…

  2. Not one smiling face, even the baby looked like she was wrinkling up her forehead.

    But the murals? Par-TAY time.

    What a fucking hell hole. It’s a living 1984.

  3. That settles it. Kim Il sung was the tallest man in N.K.

    Why else is everyone around him in the art, shorter?

  4. My reaction was the same as Wynne and MM.
    Those subway passengers looked like zombies.
    And the ones on that creepy escalator looked as if they were headed to a death camp.

    The only two images of a person smiling (besides the propaganda) were of the tourist posing for photos (a Westerner).
    You’d think that the subway employees would be told to smile, but I guess nobody GAF if they look as depressed as the riders.
    What a hell-hole.

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