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So, Is This the Hill Trump Dies On?

Trump quoted Ben Carson from his book, “My anger was pathological disease.”

Trump wrongly stated that pathological diseases cannot be cured, citing as an example that child molesters cannot be cured.

Trump is wrong about pathological disease. They can be cured.

And while most people believe that “once a child molester, always a child molester,” that might not be entirely true either.

But let’s be clear here. Trump said, erroneously, that pathological disease is incurable, just like child molestation. Child molestation is brought up as a statement about pathology, not Carson.

Was it a poor choice for an example? Yes, considering people cannot follow analogies. That’s Trump’s mistake. Put a couple of words together in the same paragraph and that’s that. “He said Carson was a child molester!”

If Trump said, pathological diseases are incurable, like certain cancers, would everyone be running around saying, “Trump said Carson has cancer!!”

Well, maybe. Ed Morrissey says Trump put Carson “in the same league” as a child molester.

No. He put Carson in the same league as other incurable pathologies.


Will this be the end of Trump?



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  1. Horrible analogy! A total #FacePalm moment for me.

    It’s not enough for me to vote for an GOP establishment candidate because I want my vote this time to be a smack upside the head to those guys-

    – but good god Trumpster, shut the F up!

  2. Trump still has my F.U. vote. Convince me Cruz can beat Hillary (break down the votes).
    We’re all going to end up like Charlie Brown anyway.

  3. Of all the pathological behavior or compulsions to bring up, this may have been the worst. Is this the silver bullet to bring down Trump? There is only one bullet–that is the primary voter.

    The pathological media may try to make this a defining issue, but I suspect those who support Trump will not be phased for long or at all.

    It’s not like Trump’s words got 4 Americans killed in Benghazi, destroyed evidence, lied under oath, lied to the American people or traded governmental favors for donations to a foundation.

  4. Remember when everybody winced when Trump went after Fiorina’s looks?

    Oh yeah, I winced too. Facepalm stuff. Cringe-worthy. But ultimately it din’t hurt him, and it probably did hurt her, because most of us guys (and many women, too) were already thinking it.

    So if this attack on Carson works, he wins. If it doesn’t work, he stops doing it. After all, we’re still a year out.

    I’m personally not turned on by it, but…

    As we all know, no Trump, no wall.

    No wall, no America.

  5. “And while most people believe that “once a child molester, always a child molester,” that might not be entirely true either.”

    This is a bit much. “Entirely true?” It’s true enough, and most people believe it because there’s sound science behind it. We won’t be encouraging child molesters to work at day care centers and grade schools any time soon.

    Ed Morrissey really crapped his pants over this, though. You’ve got that right!

  6. “It’s not like Trump’s words got 4 Americans killed in Benghazi, destroyed evidence, lied under oath, lied to the American people or traded governmental favors for donations to a foundation.”

    Come on, you’re mix up trivialities with campaign destroying rhetoric.

  7. I thought Pamela Geller hated all Muslims, until I heard her in her own words. Almost everyone still thinks she does, because they have relied on others’ interpretations of what she has said. This is common on the left, to take a perfectly reasonable statement and rearrange it into something bad, then lead with a misleading headline.
    My point being that it doesn’t matter what Trump says, it will be twisted to make him look bad. Did he misspeak here? Probably could have said it differently. But regardless the left will make up words and put them in his mouth.

  8. From the looks of things here, few are troubled by the left’s continuing efforts to take Trump down. Carson is wrong about immigration “reform”. Even Cruz is wrong about it. We need all the illegals out and we need them out now! No one has a good number on how many are here, who is among them and how much they are really costing us, financially or socially. Trump is the only candidate who just looks straight into the camera and says, “Sorry, but that’s how it is. And I would not allow a single Syrian “refugee” into this country, either.” That’s all I need to know.

    Hells bells! I’d take Trump with a diseased psyche over Carson and his pro-amnesty, or Cruz with his conversations, debates and bipartisanship.

    What could be more plain than (Trump’s plans for ISIS): “I would bomb the sh*t out of them!” He may not be the polished speaker we would like, but he sure gets the problem and the only solution.

  9. Not only no but hell no! Trump has been, still is and will be in
    the future #1. This nothing incident doesn’t even make a slight ripple on a totally calm pond! Go Donald!!!

  10. Will this be the end of Trump?

    No, it’s not the end of Trump. It doesn’t change anything for me. I’m still voting for Trump or Cruz. Carson doesn’t stand a chance.

  11. Carson is wrong about immigration “reform”. Even Cruz is wrong about it. We need all the illegals out and we need them out now!

    You got that right!

  12. No this won’t be the end of Trump, That will come when he is finally forced to get specific on all of his policies.

    Skating away…………………..

  13. Very inappropriate analogy, and stupid of him to use it.

    Just after that he said something I thought was more damaging. I paraphrase:

    “Was that to mean to say? Too bad. If you don’t like it I can go home and relax. I hate dealing with the idiot press. No I really hate them and there all idiots, so I can just go home and not deal with this anymore”

    Sounded to me that he is getting tired of this campaigning stuff.

  14. guy went after his mother with a hammer .. stabbed someone
    and god knows what else was hidden for this privileged black man .. so lets’ all stick trump with this nonsense. sure.. ahh
    barf-ola ..

  15. “But regardless the left will make up words and put them in his mouth.”

    The Left? The Right are eating their own.

  16. I still want trump. I want someone who will call Hillary a fat dumb bitch in the debates. Right to her face.
    Once the illegals start voting it’s over anyways. The left has one in that regard.

  17. So what?

    Obola sucks dicks.
    Enjoys getting fucked in the ass.
    Smokes dope.
    Destroyed our country.
    Murdered our Ambassador.
    Nuclearized Iran.
    Sold out Syria and Jordan to ISIS.
    Smuggled WMDs to Mali and ISIS.
    Gave Putin the Middle East.
    Sold out Israel.
    Weaponized the IRS.
    Corrupted the EPA. (yeah, that’s a stretch)
    Foments revolution and race war.
    Turned his back on Central and Eastern Europe.
    Is flooding the country with rat-people.

  18. (sarc mode on) Yeah – Trump is one of those guys who can’t get specifics. His business is an utter failure. (sarc mode off)

  19. Anyone who is really interested in knowing the specifics of Trump’s planks can go to his campaign website and look at them. If they are truly interested and not just trying to make Trump look like weak candidate. Be warned, though, it is a lot of reading because they are pretty specific.

  20. Ed Morrissey is a tool of the corrupt GOPe. He’s a squish who has been Trump bashing for months. The only answer to the lying, cheating, broken, Washington system is someone who can destroy it from the outside. His name is Donald J. Trump!

    Trump/Cruz 2016!

  21. Damned if I say it’s incurable, though.
    That’s the pitfalls of having to be the original poster on a topic.
    Some doctors say it can be “cured.”
    I don’t know… Managed?

    I certainly wouldn’t hire a “reformed” molester to be a school teacher.

  22. Sidebar:

    I know Pamela is genuine, because I caught her in a genuine
    moment of complete naivete’.
    There was a campaign we worked on and 2 years later we were discussing its failure.
    She couldn’t understand why.
    I said, “really? You can’t understand why no one in Florida cared about your posters of Fatima (a woman whose death was ruled a suicide after her head was smashed into a glass coffee table.)
    She was clueless.

    I said, “no one cares about a Muslim woman.”
    She was floored.
    She said, “but , but it’s an innocent woman who was murdered.”

    It didn’t matter that the woman was a Muslim. It was an injustice.

    She often cries, to this day, over Sarah and Amina Said.
    She calls them “her girls.”

    Pamela does not hate ALL Muslims.
    Completely false.

    I’m glad you brought it up.

  23. You’re right. He does. And wouldn’t it be a humdinger for Karl Icahn to write tax reform advisories targeting inverted corporations or being put in charge of negotiating fare trade treaties with China? Or how about Jeff Sessions’ completely common sense approach to enforcing current immigration law and passing a modest number of complementary laws in order to secure our borders and fix the H1b problem? I haven’t been able to find hard lines from Trump to other position advisors, but he has made references to Medal of Honor recipient Colonel Jack Jacobs and former U.N. ambassador John Bolton. He could do a lot worse.

    And just for fun, and because we have an historical legacy of idiots as Press Secretary, why not let Stacey Dash give it a go? I’ll tell you right now, no red-blooded American guy would ever miss the daily press briefing again.

    My guess (and it is only a guess) is that someone like Trump, who travels frequently and worldwide, would be very interested in either fixing TSA or getting rid of it. Probably the latter. And if the U.N. is fixing to take over the U.S. with it’s globalist laws, he’d probably get rid of them too.

  24. We could ask all the newest victims of clergy who were returned to parishes after “being away” for rest and “treatment” by the psychiatric community after initial findings of child molestation of the said clergy. The Catholic church learned the hard way that there is no CURE for child molesters, unless there is a miracle. None have been documented.

  25. When Trump called Carson’s early violent behavior pathological it was to make a point on his past acts of violence. Donald Trump referred to Ben Carson’s violent actions in the past as being something you never shake.

    Never did Donald Trump ever refer to his GOP rival as a pedophile. He merely drew a parallel between violence and pedophilia as both being examples pathological behavior. That’s it.

    In 2002, Monica Lewinsky’s ex, along with a fellow degenerate, billionaire convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, flew to the latter’s private orgy island with a pair of underage girls. Now that’s some pathological behavior.

    Monica Lewinsky’s ex-boyfriend’s wife on the other hand, has shown another type of pathological behavior…pathological lying. Hers is a list decades in the making and still growing. A few more details on that, maybe tomorrow night’s democrat debate, or maybe not.

    P.S. Romney already had his chance and blew it big time.

  26. Trump was referred to as a Honey Badger over at CTH. The nickname is accurate. A Honey Badger is what we need in the WH and fast. We need someone who can eat live Cobras, get bit and continue eating them after a short sleep.

    These are hysterical videos. The first one (language) is a quick look at the Honey Badger. The second one makes the comparison. There are other comparison videos and they are all worth a look see. Funny and accurate.

  27. Of course, one must remember when listening to Trump blow that he has no use at all for God Almighty; His Son sacrificed on our behalf, and God’s forgiveness in Christ’s work for those who ask.
    Trump considers himself equal with God and thus hs no need of his forgiveness, as he has never done anything wrong, according to Trump.
    But he’s nothing AT ALL like Obama…

  28. kill shot….Trump is holding off (for now) on the final kill shot. As I already blogged, Carson claims he cured his prostate cancer with a food supplement but went ahead with prostate surgery anyway just to be a role model. At this point in the race I assume Trump prefers Carson to be “crippled” but not killed, to keep the damper on the other challengers in the pack

  29. and then theres this. (sorry, i should have read the entire scott adams article first). Trump asks “How stupid are the people of Iowa that they would believe this crap?” or words to that effect. Influencers do not say, “The data is inaccurate.” Influencers say, “Do you want to be a gullible loser?”

    Been following his blogs for a few months, and what Adams has to say about Trump as a public speaker and his persuasive skills is very eye opening.

  30. It finally dawned on me why Trump did this.

    Trump DOES have some ideas about Carson, probably the same ideas I have, except he might know some things for sure.

    Carson has anger issues, always has. I personally think Carson is medicated.

    Trump was simply trying to get him riled up. Make him mad, REALLY mad, make him screw up. Expect Trump to keep poking, poking, slapping, poking the sleepy Carson.

    Might work. Might not. It won’t hurt him at this point. Or, if it does, he can fix it by doubling down like he always does.

  31. You aren’t alone, Trump still has just as many FU votes tomorrow as he did yesterday, probably more.

    People who were at the rally and those who actually WATCHED it understand the point he was trying to make, as sloppy as it was.

    Just watch, every time he steps in it he comes out smelling like a rose. Up is down, down is up, good is bad, bad is good. This election cycle is bizarro world.

    Remember, the only viable candidate the dems have is an old white decrepit criminal crunt.

  32. I don’t know if they will give it much traction though, they would be defending their other thorn in the side, the way-off-plantation Uncle Tom Carson.

  33. he wont die on this hill. In fact with the excrement striking the rotary oscillator (when the shit hits the fan) like it did today, and will continue to do more and more often, people are not going to want to vote for a Carson muttering in a soft voice “oh, um, just forgive him and pray for him”.

    No, they are gonna want Trump, and they are gonna want him in spades.

  34. in 3 weeks if Trump is still on top, and I bet he will be, I might just have to send him $20 in the mail.

    Why? I’ve never sent a politician any $ before.

    Because this guy will be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt to be the shrewdest politician ever.

    he would have just kicked the “nicest guy ever” in the balls, publicly, and gotten away with it free and clear.

  35. I loved the “bomb the shit out of them” line.

    That there is worth 3 my-opponent-is-a-chomo lines any day.

  36. I was just there. They might be stupid but they are really genuinely friendly.

    he didn’t call the people who were voting FOR him stupid, he was calling the people voting for CARSON stupid.

    After he pointed out that he went after his momma with a hammer. Because it IS stupid to vote for someone like that.

  37. BINGO. Excellent post. Thanks for linking. Trump is a MASTER. Limbaugh saw that a few weeks ago too. HA HA.

  38. @ Bob
    That man is one of two things. He is either so Spirit filled that his eyes shine so, or he is on meds.

    Trump took a hit from Levin today for his Carson bit, and Trump is taking hits from many others. However, if there is a real pathology going on, and Trump knows about it, Trump really has a moral obligation to expose it.

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