Some Democrats Say Obama Was A Lousy POTUS

I read that as POS.

The Lid: A new Vanity Fair analysis refers to former president Barack Obama as a “visionary” but notes that up-and-coming Democrats are starting to frown upon his achievements.

AuthorT.A. Frank surmises that perhaps it isn’t the quality of his work – praising such legacy items as the Affordable Care Act, DACA, and the Paris climate deal – but rather acceptance by the American public and how it might reflect on their own political prospects.

In a relatively short period, President Trump has almost singlehandedly dismantled Obama’s legacy. The above-noted items have all been torn apart in some manner. Others not listed have as well. Of course, that is what he was elected to do.

Trump has pulled America out of the Paris Accord, reversed pro-illegal immigration executive orders, rescinded many government regulations, repealed the Obamacare individual mandate, and of course, canceled the Iran nuclear agreement.

Was He a Bad President?

Worse than policy issues, younger faces of the Democrat party have found Obama’s vision devastating to their futures in politics.

They are keenly aware that the 2016 presidential election was widely seen as a referendum on a perceived third term for Obama, and it resulted in a devastating loss for the left.  more here

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  1. Probably the “younger faces” in the democrat party don’t think he did enough to turn the US into a communist “paradise” and get rid of white people before he was gone.

  2. Obama was never anything but a fast talking cheap little street hustler. He was elected more or less as a protest vote against the misery of 8 years of Bush. Bush thought he could appease the left by embracing some of their ideas but he never understood why that could or would never work. Their numbers have grown into a massive problem because of that stupid thinking.

  3. Ms. Hussein Obama must not have been commie enough for them although he certainly was girly enough for them!!

  4. If by “visionary” they mean “spying illegally”, I agree. That’s his true legacy, and I hope to God Trump gets that dismantled, too.

  5. Obama’s greatest accomplishment was dividing America beyond any hope of reconciliation.

    He should at least be given credit for that.

  6. obama, himself, was only a small part of the problem. If you combine the lack of action and moral clarity of the Republicant’s with the lazy desires of a younger generation who sees a fast-talking, hip-hop, gayblade as the answer, then you realize that it is the ELECTORATE who is the larger problem!!! From looking at the current democratic youngbloods, it seems our country has not learned a damned thing….

  7. Obama was the first ‘created’ president.

    His entire life was fake. Everything we know about him is fake.

    He was the ultimate puppet.


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