Student editor canned for saying ‘women don’t have penises’

College Fix: The student editor of a university’s philosophy journal has been fired for tweeting out “women don’t have penises.”

Angelos Sofocleous, assistant editor of the Durham University philosophy journal Critique, received news that his services would no longer be required three days after retweeting a Spectator story titled “Is it a crime to say women don’t have penises?”

He added the comment “RT if women don’t have penises.” The tweet was deemed “transphobic” by his peers. read more


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  1. Keep adding wood to the fire. When the lid finally blows, there’s a Beat-Down coming to entire factions of the World Population that’s going to make the term “Biblical Proportions” seem MILD by comparison!

  2. O’Brien to Winston: if the party says a woman can have a penis then a woman can have a penis.

    From the rough draft of 1984. Orwell thought that was pushing it too far. Little did he know.

  3. REAL women don’t have penises.

    But- on a positive note- I guess their argument removes the necessity for all of the dysmorphic transgender surgeries that are being done. If what they say is so, and I don’t for a second agree, it would no longer be necessary for a man to have a penisectomy in order to ‘transition’ to a woman. That will save a lot of taxpayer money. They can just ‘identify’ as whatever they want. That should be easy, as that is what neurotics just naturally do. Just keep it in their own head, and also keep it in their pants. And don’t spend my hard earned money on their distorted perception of reality.

  4. Sue them for millions. Let’s get this into the courts. Then we can see if the country is really off the rails. If it is then all accusations of male privilege, men should, “Just shut up”, forcing companies to have more woman on their boards – all of that is gone. We are all women when convenient and there is legal precedent.

  5. my thought crime [ a womens index finger is longer than her ring finger a mans ring finger is longer than his index finger ” take the test ” it`s a biological fact ! not an opinion

  6. Leftist women can have all the leftist men’s penises they want. The leftist men are not using them so cut them off and give them to the leftist women!!

  7. Why is the fear of something a crime?
    Especially “transphobia”?

    Who DOESN’T fear bringing home a woman from the bar only to discover she has a penis larger than yours?

    That’s the stuff nightmares are made out of. Who wouldn’t be afraid?


  8. In a bed somewhere in San Fransisco:

    Guy: Hon why do you play with my penis after we have sex?

    Gal: Oh I miss my own so much.


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