Ted Cruz Has an Audiographic Memory

It’s been revealed that Ted Cruz can remember conversations he’s had verbatim. It’s a skill he’s had since high school, and it’s one he doesn’t like to talk about because he fears people with think he’s some sort of robot.

You’re going to have to trust me on this story. Only one site has it and I won’t link to him because I remember, like Ted Cruz, everything the weepy, maudlin, psycho says.  Remember when he said that if anyone supported Newt Gingrich over Barack Obama they were racists because Newt and Barack are one in the same, politically? Ipso facto, you’re a klansman.


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  1. Well, I hear talking in my head all the time, too!

    Usually talking about bunnies … red bunnies … yellow bunnies … green bunnies … OH! OH! … sometimes the voices talk about squirrels! Red-tailed squirrels are my favorites …

  2. I used to like him. He was instrumentally in my severely questioning my agnosticism. He shown the light on so much, like George Soros and the Tides Foundation. What the hell happened to him? Very sad.

  3. I subscribed to Beck for 2 years, but when he did an hour show on why Newt could not be president, I quit. He has since gone over the edge. I happened to hear part of his radio program last week in an encounter with Ben Carson, where he told Mr. Carson “do everything in your power to get rid of Donald Trump.” Sorry, but Mr. Beck will not pick my candidate for me.

    Mr. Beck cannot be that smart. He’s been suckered into believing a cult is the truth. In what else could he be deceived?

  4. I can only take beck on Fridays.

    I have always liked moron trivia.

    after moron trivia’s over I have to turn it off.

    he’s too weepy for me, like boehner.

    Christ was a warrior not a pussy and when he said “turn the other cheek” he meant for you to tell your adversary to strike you like a man while you were expecting it, not let him beat you senseless and do nothing.

    God isn’t a pacifist?

  5. I have a grandchild who remembers everything. We’ve called him an organic tape recorder since he learned how to talk. He can be multi-tasking while overhearing conversation(s) and regurgitate what he hears.

  6. Ok I’ve been hearing how conservatives hate the liberal media and Ted Cruz is going to take them down. Get your asses over to Ted Cruz.org and donate.

  7. It’s no accident that the first gentile saved by Jesus was a Centurion. And the first man to speak after Christ uttered his last words was a Centurion proclaiming the obvious.

    In the day, the Centurion was the man who was the literal glue who bonded the political class of soldiers to the common legionnaire, to create the Roman Legions, thus assuring a continuance of Pax Romanas. Had the profession of soldier been counter to Jesus’ teachings, He would have admonished the Centurion whom He saved, as he did other sinners.

  8. Yep! We heard part of his show yesterday when he said about Ted’s memory. And, as usual, tried to tear Trump a new one.
    We only catch him when we’re stuck in traffic and I get tired of dh’s doo-wop cd’s.

  9. I used to subscribe to Beck but ever since he built The Blaze he’s slowly sunk into the same patterns like msnbc and the rest of the lefty biased media he claims to hate. He’s failed to see why Trump’s standing up to the media will get Ted Cruz elected and has cherry picked obscure polls and uses 6 th grade insults to take trump out the same way the left does to his candidates. He’s a manipulator of the worst way and has turned into a snake oil peddler.

  10. Cruz’s ability is like having a superpower! It provides quite an edge in this race.

    As for Beck, I’m a proud subscriber and have been from Day One. For $5 a month I get a helluva value. And while I don’t agree with everything he says and get irritated with all of his ups and downs and reversals, I can take or leave them. There are enough people to hate on the left. Beck is at least on our general side of things.

    That said, his TV show last night was an example. It was about how progressives changed education for the absolute worst. Historian David Barton had copies of books that were used before the 1920s (when the major downgrade began) that posed rhetorical questions Supreme Court justices would be hard-pressed to answer.

    Our formerly excellent education system had no grade levels and no mandatory attendance beyond 8th grade. When you mastered the material, you were done! It was meant to give the student INTEGRITY first and foremost. This educational decline is also responsible for the Left running rings around conservatives when you see what used to be the standard.

    Everett Piper, president of Oklahoma University Wesleyan, was the guest (Barton is like a co-host on these “historical” shows). I could’ve listened to him for hours. He gave examples of how and why conservatives stumble when grilled by in-your-face radicals — when conservatives are the ones with the truth behind them.

    This was just a snippet of the discussion. For a $1 download, I highly suggest getting yesterday’s program and taking notes. Various books and authors on “how to think” vs “what to think” were mentioned by the college president.

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