The NY Times Runs an “America Isn’t That Great” Video just in time for the 4th of July – IOTW Report

The NY Times Runs an “America Isn’t That Great” Video just in time for the 4th of July

I can think of reasons America isn’t as great as it used to be. It’s not my fault, I can tell you that.

The fault lies with The New York Times and their ilk.

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  1. I’m with Anonymous, we know where they stand, no further proof needed. I bet the NYT would support a Nike shoe with the EU flag on it.

  2. Yet still, in spite of their teases to evacuate the country, and i’d be happy to chip in for their expenses, they don’t leave. They will never leave. America is….the greatest country in the world because we let pantywaists and ninnies such as these whine and bang their spoons on their highchairs and they always pack a pant load.
    They’re going to hate tomorrow. Independence Day. But they hate today and they’ll hate the next day and the next day. Hate is the venom that nourishes them.

  3. The argument is so flawed I won’t bother addressing it issue by issue. What I find amusing is the very people that have brought the nations standing down are those at the times and other like minded jackasses.

  4. Are you clowns at the Times sure that you’re the best judges considering you work for a third rate washed up rag.

  5. Just consider this tantrum a manifestation of their utter despair with the direction of the country given how hard they’ve worked to diminish it.

  6. Hey NYT, the next time 3,000 of your citizens are slaughtered by our arch enemy, that you now champion, don’t bother calling.

  7. NYT deeply yearning to be the last minority loyalists of the british crown in a Nation of Patriots.

  8. That’s JUST the People’s Democratic Republic of New Yawkistan that’s NOT that great. 😳

  9. How many other countries have an “Independence Day” with results lasting to date, so far, anyway.

  10. You are correct. America is not ‘great’
    It is Great Times Infinity!
    I give NYT one star as a cage liner:
    “Would not crap here again”

  11. Why even fisk this crap. First clue, he uses BOOMERS as the baseline.
    Second, he tosses around ‘poverty’ like its cool. Mexicans make HALF of what we call poverty levels in the US. And that’s supposed to be equal?

    Mexico got welfare, Medicaid and housing supplements?

    Even this tools use of language is erroneous and misleading.

  12. You know, as a 78 year old, I just wonder just how much freedom would their be in this world if Germany, Italy and Japan won the war that went on back when I was born. 1941. What would the world be like as I grew up, matured, worked, married, bought a house, had children. What would it be like if America and England had lost?
    Would the New York Times and the rest of the media be able to spew their anti ItaloGermanJap shit the way they spew their anti American shit on a daily basis?
    Just askin’ don’t take offense.

  13. They just can’t be miserable by themselves. No. They have to spread it around. As sanctimoniously as possible. Every damn day like a broken record.

  14. NT Times? Are they still around? They are just trying to be relevant and so they publish controversial statements like this. Similar to Ocasio, a one term Congresswoman and Colin Kaepernick, a washed out second string quarter back are doing!


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