There is going to be a grand jury and Obama folks are going to need lawyers – Joe diGenova

24 Comments on There is going to be a grand jury and Obama folks are going to need lawyers – Joe diGenova

  1. I can only pray that each one of o’s henchmen are left penniless (like Gen. Flynn) after being investigated.

  2. THe Goddamned eRepublicans will get in the way of any attempt to serve justice on them, and that worthless shitbag Romney will be their ringleader.

  3. I’m not holding my breath on this one. Unless they have them slam dunk and are waiting a few more months for the election season to fully set in it seems likely there won’t be any consequences for the people who tried to illegally remove a sitting US President.

  4. We need public executions to prevent this ever happening again. And if you don’t believe that you’re part of the problem.

  5. Mr. diGenova seems confident in his statement. If there really is going to be a grand jury, Pelosi must have insider info. No wonder she wants to hold-off talk of ‘impeachment.’ The AG must move swiftly and decisively now. Wolves are circling the Trump campfire.

  6. It is sad that there is so much doubt that anything will happen to any of the criminals in this matter.

  7. How about I skip kicking this football.

    Call me cynical, but no matter how criminal the Obama Administration was, I have zero confidence they will ever face the consequences.

    In short, I’ll believe it when I see it. Until then, all these pronouncements amount to air in a jug.

  8. To all the cynics (including me), if there is sufficient real evidence, the AG (and his boss, the President) must, by law, prosecute.

  9. There are legions of Americans who possess the skill to do what needs done.

  10. Creepy Porn Lawyer needs to represent all of these “Progs”. See how well that worked out for Stormy Daniels.

  11. I know the feeling of hopelessness is easy to fall into. What has been happening with the weak Republicans not fighting back will break any patriot’s heart. But I just can’t let go of the hope that there will be some pay-back for the criminal behavior of the swamp.

    We elected President Trump to do a job. He has done marvelously so far – even with the failures of the GOPe. If he were Obama, he could do more; but believe me, we woudln’t like the results of the same type of presidency as zero had just because POTUS is on ‘our side’.

    I want to win, but I want to win within the law. Isn’t that what our Constitution is about?

    The best thing we can do for President Trump and our country is to pray. That is where my hope lies.

  12. Perhaps the prayers should be directed at the God from the Old Testament. That God seemed a bit more extroverted and hands on.

    I imagine she’s still around.

  13. Citizen obongo is no longer a sitting president, so there are no DOJ proscriptions from indicting his sorry ass. Maybe he’ll get Reggie to share a cell with him and they can play “pick up the soap” just like in the old days!

  14. President Trump’s full employment for high-priced criminal lawyers plan! Their tax lawyers cannot handle this case.

  15. PJ, If it wasn’t for Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch we would be in trouble. He has been more effective than the entire Congress.


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