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They Tried To Warn Us (Lost Video From 1984)


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  1. No, things aren’t getting worse they’re just getting more obvious.

  2. The likes of us here were listening.
    But not enough of people in our side took this seriously: many of them are STILL in denial. (You know – just another riot, and things’ll calm down and go back to normal.)

    Boehner should be dragged onto the street and tarred and feather before being hanged.

  3. The video of the Russian has been around, what was new to me was the opening from Malcolm X. You don’t see the BLM crowd quoting much from Malcolm X. Or MLK either.

  4. In other words they’re too stupid to act in their own best interests. Got it!

  5. The quote from Malcolm X about white liberals is priceless. I am obviously not a fan of this racist, but as with most people, he occasionally gets it right. “the white liberal is the one who has perfected the art of posing as the negro’s friend and benefactor”. There are many other quotes from him in the video that ring true and I urge you to listen to the video.

  6. Ironically, two nights ago, I watched Lex Fridman podcast interview Prof Stephen Kotkin, author of Stalin: Waiting for Hitler.

    Kotkin describes in detail the steps/tactics Stalin used to take hold of the vast peasant occupied countryside (1/6 of the earths landmass) into a communist hell in just 5 short years.
    The peasants were essentially capitalists for lack of a better descriptor, or the equivalent of US red state conservatives in flyover country.

    These videos are worth the time to understand, in granular detail, the exact same tactics we’re witnessing today.

  7. It’s not “Lost”, I’ve been recirculating this for well over 5 years! There is not one false statement in this video!

  8. No matter what facts are presented to them they will refuse to believe them.!! How accurate!!

  9. “Token progress”

    After 60 years the only thing the Left has “progressed” is the ignorant blacks and whites to an alter of (their) sacrifice. They are about to get millions killed in their lust for power.

  10. The part about them killing the people who helped the ‘progressives’ is so true. If they taught history anymore, people would know this.
    Each new ‘leader’ kills off, banishes and imprisons the supporters directly around him and brings in the people who are just super clueless. Pretty sure the 1st round of killings and imprisonment will be the media. After all, progs only need one channel and a handful of people to run it. And it won’t be any Don Le’Mons or Cuomos. It’ll be scared little nobodies in plain clothing picked off the streets, given a script to read every day.

    Seeing as a lot of ex CIA and FBI, military types and former 0bama admins are working in Left media, who do you think is controlling the media right now? It’s not the Dems, they’re controlled too.

  11. I’ve seen the complete videos of this former Russian agent, including this one. Incredibly, the videos are still on Youtube probably because of what he implied – the truth is being ignored and discounted by the left. I watch these videos over again just to keep this information fresh in my mind.

    Warnings have done no good so far. Conservatives are still trying to reason with evil machinations of the leftists. Thank God for the Second Amendment – our last defense.
    Hopefully, having self defense will keep our Republic a little while longer.

  12. Does anyone know if we will be able to go to NFL games this year ?? Got season tickets.

  13. Was that Nasty Pillosee trying to direct and then thumb up?

  14. This interview confirmed what I have always known, that when the useful idiots have been used and are no longer needed, they will be exterminated without a second thought or a bat of an eyelash.

    They’re idiots because they don’t even know that they are “useful”

  15. SECEDE

    And split from your destructors.

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