Twitter “Restricts” Account of Michael Flynn Lawyer Sidney Powell

Dan Bongino:

After slapping yet another warning label on President Donald Trump’s tweets last week (this time for telling rioters that they’d be met with serious force if they attempted to start an “autonomous zone” in Washington D.C.), the social media platform is giving users even more reason to jump ship.

First pro-Trump meme creator “Carpe Donktum” was banned, then former Breitbart U.K. Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam was suspended, and now Michael Flynn’s lawyer is joining the club. Anyone who tries to access the feed of Sidney Powell is met with a message that the account is “temporarily restricted” due to “unusual activity.” more here

14 Comments on Twitter “Restricts” Account of Michael Flynn Lawyer Sidney Powell

  1. Twitter – all they’re good for is watching riots.

    They should rename themselves.


  2. Dump it. Lots of alternatives zooming in to eat twits
    breakfast, lunch and dinner and leave it out crying in the rain.

  3. It seems the only reason Liberals and Communists, I repeat myself, still complain about McCarthy and blacklists are because they were not in charge of them.

  4. So now a lawyer isn’t allowed to speak out on behalf of her client?

    We are slowly but surely going off the deep end in this country.

  5. Well one thing I’ll never restrict from my Petey B is my unbleached elastic starfish!

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