Watch Joe Biden Call KKK Member and Democrat Robert Byrd a ‘Friend’ and ‘Mentor’

And so did Pelosi.

Townhall: Former Vice President Joe Biden emerged from his basement earlier this week for a “press conference” in Delaware. During his remarks, Biden continued his virtue signaling on race and the “soul” of America.

maintenance of slavery and went to war to do it, I think those statues belong in museums, they don’t belong in public places,” Biden said.

But it was just ten years ago when Biden was praising KKK member and Democratic Senator Robert Byrd as a “mentor” and “friend.” The Trump campaign is serving up the reminder:

“To me…for a lot of us, he was a mentor and a friend, and for a lot of us, he was a guide,” Biden said at Byrd’s funeral. MORE

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  1. Liberals don’t want to hear how Clinton and Biden both gave a eulogy at Byrd’s funeral and how there are dozens of buildings in West Virginia named after him. And nobody removed his portrait from Congress, did they? It’s the height of hypocrisy.

  2. Bob Byrd’s corrupt legacy lies in the dozens if not hundreds of public projects and programs named after him. Highways, bridges, buildings, streets, you name it, if Bob Byrd had a finger in it, it was named after him.

    When sanity returns and Americans want to denigrate true racists, it will take them YEARS to rename all the things named after this racist KKK member.

  3. They had no problem pulling down the statue of General Nathan B. Forrest. He had a role in creating the Klan, but left after a couple of years because he thought it was too violent.

    Byrd stayed with the Klan for years, as did demoncrap SC Justice Hugo Black, but no demoncrapper wants to discuss them.

    Foul hypocrites for sure.

  4. DemocRATz: One big-ass bubbling vat of lies, hypocrisy, narcissism, projection and corruption that stinks to high heaven!

  5. WRAP your mind around this.
    * KKK was own and run by the Democrats until around later 1960’s.

    * The KKK was sued in the 1990’s by a Black Family and a famous Civil Rights Legal Group. The lost and the Family & the Civil Rights Lawyers was awarded $$Millions.

    * The KKK unable to pay the settlement, cease to exist, closed its doors and went Bankrupt. All assets became the property of the Family and the Civil Rights Lawyers.

    So a Black Family and a Famous Civil Rights law group are the owners of the KKK Names, Emblem, etc. etc…. and have been for about 30 years.

    There is a lesser size and active group called the United Klan’s of America. But NO WHERE near the KKK 14M size it is only about 3,000 out of the USA 342M) or nor are they as actively Dangerous.

    There is a Wikipedia articles that verifies this.

    The Current United Klan Hq is up North… anyone care to guess in which Mid-west Northern state? If you guessed Chicago IL your right.

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