Whistleblower who warned of VIP sex abuse ring found dead

“WARNING: I am not going to commit suicide, I am not going to take too much cocaine and drown in a bath, or shoot myself. So if this happens, IT WASN’T ME. Save this Tweet.”

This was the tweet, last April, of a whistleblower who warned of a VIP pedophile ring.

She was found dead with cocaine in her nose.



Natacha Jaitt, a model from Argentina, was found dead this morning in the town of Villa La Ñata.  She was 41 years old.  Jaitt gained international notoriety when she when went public with accusations of human trafficking against Gustavo Vera, a close friend of Pope Francis.

ht/ jd hasty via Ann Barnhardt

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  1. Whistleblower you say?

    I think she moved beyond whistles to Oboes, French horns and contrabassoons. Not to mention the woodwinds.

  2. It’s way past time for an international PURGE from the pope on down and all of our corrupt politicians (foreign and domestic)!

  3. I’ll admit to making light of the situation, but seriously, the Catholic Church has slow walked and back tracked on these allegations my entire adult life, if not longer. Abstinent priests and nuns? That’s unnatural and untrue.
    Get real.

  4. Here is what irritates me about those that make fun of people like me who are interested in what Q posts. It’s so simple for them to make fun of tin foil hats (I do the same thing) and ham radios and secret societies and cults. The thing is, that is not Q. If that is what Q is, he would be telling people what to think. Instead Q is telling people to research on your own, search for information, come to your own informed opinions. The reality is Q has in fact discussed human trafficking and sex abuse, and the organized groups that participate in this at length. Granted, Q my be proven to be a LARP, but I still look forward to what is posted.

  5. @Joe6pak – Don’t know if you’re refering to people on this site but I have noticed lately that some like to drop turds in the punchbowl because they don’t particularly like the punch that’s being served.

  6. Different Tim, you might have to be a bit more specific for me to give you a good response. I do know turds end up in the punch bowl from many different sources.

  7. The way to NOT finding yourself tied to a bed naked, with cocaine powder in your nose is;

    a) LEAVE the lifestyle (former playmate)
    b) LEAVE the shithole country (Argentine)
    c) PACK HEAT (or hire some damn RELIABLE bodyguards, if you’re too candyassed to take care of yourself)

    She may well have been killed by nefarious sorts, but she couldn’t have made it EASIER for them, if she’d declared she HAD the goods on Hiltery Clinton! 😮 😮 😮

  8. I find it interesting certain people think it’s their freaken duty to disparage the people that follow Q. What’s your point? I’ve turned some highly educated people on to Q over the last 12 months. They all still religiously follow. Maybe it’s an I.Q. thing. Wada ya think? Maybe we have some more Pig Latin majors here. I’m mean really, what’s your point?

  9. joe6pack, we all have a obligation to do our own homework and do the best we can to understand what we are reading and follow the leads, even if they are dead ends,and no I am not saying that Q is a dead end, I just like my information more straight forward not cryptic tweets.
    Even the Treehouse leaves a lot up for question,at this point we are all just guessing about what is going to happen.
    There is much evil in the world again that we are seeing right now.

  10. Brad…it’s an opinion….Do you now ban opinions?….”Q” is like Nostradaumus or Art Bell. Throw out an opinion and your wrong 85% of the time yet your still vague enough to claim a victory….”Q” is your sucker lipped bass that can never be landed….
    99.99% of the people here know whats wrong with the government and what’s going on, so they could be ‘Q’ too….
    “Q’ prove it!….exponentially….or shut up…..

  11. Geoff C. the Saltine

    There was a time the Tree House was quoting Q verbatim. Now they chastise Q. WTF is that all about? Probably not the quest for truth. Maybe the quest for hits. Consider Trumps desire to communicated directly to the people, Q is not a surprise to me.

  12. Geoff, you definitely have a point. But on the flip side of that, how many times have we all read something that seemed pretty cut and dried, only to find it wasn’t even half true. The media has lied to all of us. I would rather read cryptic tweets and try to work out what it may mean than to be outright lied to and force fed a line of crap. I believe whoever or whatever Q happens to be, it’s a better source of information and opinion than a lot of what’s out there. I like it, I’m a fan.

  13. willysgoatgruff
    And your an impaired goat herder. Honestly dude you keep trying to stir the shit up with me. I’m not digging being your hobby. I’d suggest finding another hobby. Where the fuck did you read something about disparaging me? You didn’t. All things considered, your’e a true key board warrior. You seem like a fucking miserable person. I hope you can find some happiness.

  14. Brad… 5 posts up you were disparaged as to being a ” Q” believer….take a boot off and try to get to the number 5…

    PS. you were or are one of the early “Q” Believers…..Try to find the Lollypop on your forehead….Gonna kick everybody’s ass….Gonna kill all the vermin in the government and specifically California….gonna start an inevitable second civil war….DO IT ROAD WARRIOR!…clock starts at midnight…..

  15. ‘I am not going to commit suicide, I am not going to take too much cocaine and drown in a bath.
    So Whitney Houston was the whistle blower?
    A connection between pedophilia and homosexuality? Who would have guessed? Lesbians?
    Abstinent priests and nuns? F’ now that’s funny!
    Strawberry pop-tarts contain the secret code for exposing the worldwide cabal in its icing. Cannot find them anymore without that shitty icing.
    The way to NOT finding yourself tied to a bed naked, with cocaine powder in your nose is; F’off no one asked you!
    No disrespect meant to anyone, just love to re-cap the comments sometimes.

  16. willysgoatgruff

    Hard to do on the INTERNET, much easier to do in person. Like I say, a key board warrior. I was honest when I said I hoped you find happiness. You won’t if you stay on my ass Art Major. Realize, you are the antagonist here.

  17. So…… no one else noticed how weird and coked up she looked in the photos?

    Hate to thread jack and all…. just… not sure if I believe the dead lady found in the party house, who had a history of doing drugs, was killed by what sounds like a coked out drug conspiracy.

    Also, the real q would have been promoting Blueberry poptarts. The strawberry ones were cool back in the 70’s.

    No word yet on which flavor pairs best with cocaine.

    UPDATE!!!! dam. Blushy beat me to it. Strawberry poptarts suck.

  18. No doubt she had a troubled life. But I think I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt when it comes to her declaration of her intent to be a survivor. She picked some powerful people to shine the light on and she knew she was in danger.

  19. If you follow Barnhardt and Church Militant you will be informed on the goings on within The Church. Both are fearless warriors and absolutely 100% committed. W/out them I would have great doubt that there is going to be a general housecleaning and that a major correction is on the horizon.

  20. Aw C’mon Brad, you want to kick my ass in person when you have the secession of Northern California to ramrod and then the impending United States civil war #2 planning….don’t you think your time could be better spent?….LOL…

  21. willysgoatgruff

    I have no desire to hurt you. You need an intervention pal. Do you have any family close by? You should reach out. I’m probably not the only person here concerned for your welfare.

  22. No Blushes

    Out of my foxhole for good. There’s a couple pig latin majors that would love to have you. Yes, probably in a very sick sexual way. I understand you have a pretty mouth.

  23. Brad, she gets the benefit of the doubt from me ever since she pulled out the koran, bookmarked with bacon, and proceeded to tear out pages and burn them. We need more of that attitude.

  24. Brad, you need some sleep. Stop with the obvious self-denial. Never had any interest in your foxhole, that came from your mind, not mine. Go play some X-Box and sober up.

  25. No Blushes

    Do you want me to start linking some of your old posts? I have them. No worries. You’ll die on your own.

  26. Joe6pak –

    Agreed with the bacon/koran thing.

    And she challenged any muslim to come and get some.

    At the same time, she closed her professional commoditiy trading service and walked away.

    Testicular fortitude….she has it.

  27. THE WHORE OF BABYLON CULT also known as the Catholic church is guilty of murder now, instead of just regular old boy rape.

    When are people going to learn that their symbology, holidays, procedures, and rules come straight out of Canaan and Babylon?

    Can’t you loyal followers DO BETTER than this? Really? You think Jesus is really guiding this shithole of a religion? Bite your tongue, he wouldn’t recognize this as ANY part of Christianity.

    These people are brainwashed fools.

  28. I’m a bit new around these parts. I’m old, disabled, broke, widowed, no family…the internet is my only connection to the world.

    Saw this thread….and followed it.

    My opinion: Brad, you’re a sad egostical drunk full of himself. How can a man own a business, post everywhere (your words) on the internet, want to fight, deem others unworthy if they are not like you, a married man who flirts with sexual innuendos to other women, (apparently wont be romantic with wife) spends every evening here on IOTW? Maybe your wife won’t have anything to do with you physically, anymore.

    What I wouldn’t give to have my wife back in my arms. I guarantee you I wouldn’t spend my evenings picking keyboard fights or bragging about myself to a bunch of unknowns…trying to impress. I’d be making beautiful sweet love to her…and her to me.


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