Ain’t I Cute?


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  1. #2 “Are you brave enough to rub my tummy?”
    #4 “I’m so sorry I robbed your bird feeder. It was just there and well…it’s not like I had intent to steal from you”
    #6 “SNOW DAY! Well where I live every day is SNOW DAY!”
    #7 “Dad what kind of critters are we?” “I have no idea son but we’re cute, can’t deny that”
    #8 “Hey you handsome hunk of marsupial down there on the ground. Wanna come up and share my limb?”
    #9 “And by this pact we hereby swear that we’ll be best buds forever and ever amen”
    #10 “We have spirit, how ’bout you?!”
    #11 “Ok so look. You have people in your party whom you don’t like ’cause you consider them traitors. Fine. I get that. Just stop associating them with me, ok?”

    Excellent as always Claudia.

  2. I at first thought it would be a meme showing what Trump is going to do to Hillary tonight: chew her up and spit her out.

    These pictures were soothing. Thank you.

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