Californians are Putting Their Money Down on a Sure Bet: Guns

BearingArms: Just two weeks short weeks after Governor Jerry Brown showed his hand by signing a number of gun control measures into law, Californians are putting their money down on a sure bet: AR-15 rifles.

“The California compliant rifles right now are non-existent. There is nothing out there,” said Ray Parga, owner of Del Valle Gunsmithing in Marina, CA.

Parga told local reporters that sales of AR-15 style firearms are through the roof. Not only are the guns he had in stock completely sold out, but replenishment orders were sold before they’ll ever touch store shelves.  more

15 Comments on Californians are Putting Their Money Down on a Sure Bet: Guns

  1. It’s the same where I work.

    As soon as they arrive – they’re gone.

    Before the ban comes into effect in 2017 I plan on buying 300 80% AR lowers and charging $1000 for each one.

    Then I can retire to Wyoming where it’s considered normal to pack heat on a daily basis.

  2. I guess it’s a fault of the illogical liberal mindset. They don’t “get” how when they push, we’re just gonna push back twice as hard.

  3. Wouldn’t it be cool if the federal government actually went to bat against state and local governments for depriving Americans of their Civil Rights???????

  4. I am no Constitutional Scholar, but it seems this could be challenged.
    Same with the recent Massachusetts regulations. Can an AG write laws?

  5. I had one gun when Obama was elected. A simple, inexpensive, no frills 12 gauge. I now have 9 guns and a half ton of ammo. Also got my CCW. Nice work Libs.

  6. stock up Ca…. yer gonna need something to protect yourselves……. IT WONT BE GOVMT OR BROWN…

  7. I full heartedly support our Second Ammendment! It is absolutley unacceptable to take that away from us! #2A#MAKEAMERICASAFEAGAIN#MAKEAMERICASAFEAGAIN#TRUMPTRAIN!


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