National Swimmer’s Day

In tribute to the ultimate scumbag, Ted Kennedy, who abandoned a woman submerged in his car. 

Ted drove into a pond 46 years ago today because he was evading a police officer. Ted was drunk and with another woman so he sped off into the night and flipped his car off a bridge and into the water. Ted swam out of his car, surfaced and slithered away.

After unsuccessfully strong-arming his buddies into taking the blame for what he did, Ted promised to turn himself into authorities. But after swimming across the bay to his hotel he decided to concoct an alibi and simply make believe he had nothing to do with his car in the water with a dead body in it.

The entire charade was exposed, but Kennedy survived because progressives do not care what their representatives do. Every progressive is a good progressive.tkt

Note- The last image on the lower right is not an iOTWreport image.

It is my favorite Ted Kennedy agitprop image of all-time.

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  1. I’ll repeat my comments from the “car ad”.

    Today is the 46th anniversary of Teddy’s driving his Oldsmobile into Chappaquiddick.

    Tomorrow is the 46th anniversary of Teddy reporting it to the police.

    Fewer people died in Abu Ghraib prison than died in Teddy’s Oldsmobile

    August 25th will the the sixth anniversary of Teddy’s sobriety.

  2. Gee Wally, just think, in a little over a month on August 25th we can celebrate the date Ted finally achieved “Good DemocRat” status!

  3. As the mid-1970’s bumper sticker proclaimed, “Nuclear energy is safer than a ride in Ted Kennedy’s car.”

  4. Six years sober on August 25th? Now that’s a great accomplishment. They guy deserves an AA birthday/anniversary party with coffee, chocolate cake, the works. I could never make past 90 days. Well done Ted, keep coming back.

    Oh, WTF am I saying?

  5. It has been said that Teddy enjoyed a good Chappaquiddick joke up to the end. Words fail to describe what a loathsome, cowardly creature he was.

  6. The blame has to be put on to all of the people who voted for Ted Kennedy as a senator from Massachusetts. As far as I see, all of the old biddies who played Bingo, where the most loyal constituency that Ted had. The wealthy interests also sucked up to Kennedy. The worst part was when the average, working or middle class people would spew out the lies about old Ted being for “the common man.” It was horrible to withstand that Bull-$^#(*%^. Thank God he died in 2009.

  7. I vividly remember being in the kitchen with my mother on Saturday, July 19, 1969 when the news came over the radio.

    Even at the tender age of twelve, I was a confirmed Kennedy-loathing cynic. “That was no accident,” I announced to my mother. “He drove that car off the bridge on purpose.”

    Mom was taken aback. “What makes you say that, dear?”

    “The moon walk, the biggest news story in the history of mankind, is tomorrow. He knows the reporters have better things to do.”

  8. I disagree, Ted Kennedy is still drunk to this day. Hopefully hellfire will eventually burn off all the alcohol.

    Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd are really great examples of why Democrats are stupid or evil or both. A murderer and a KKK freak being kept in the Senate for an eternity. Shameful, disgraceful.

  9. Too bad we can’t dig him up and dump his pickled corpse in the same water where his murder took place. That would be a bit of justice.

    Everyone of the weasels who voted for him are not my fellow countrymen. Get out of my nation, you indecent swine.

  10. No, he isn’t. Arlington is for those who die in active duty. JFK is buried there because he was Commander-in-Chief at the time of his death.

  11. Money talks, bullshit walks.


    You can, literally, get away with murder if you are properly connected and / or wealthy enough.

  12. The democrats of Massachusetts gleefully re-elected time after time a reprobate who willingly let a young woman drown. And we think democrats nationwide are going to look on Planned Barrenhood’s slaughter and organ sale as something negative?

  13. Even if every last allegation against Kennedy that night was false, even if he were stone cold sober …. he still negligently drove onto a foot bridge in the middle of the night and went over the side and caused the death of his passenger. In any jurisdiction in this country, that is first degree manslaughter. Any other person in America not named Kennedy would have served seven years in prison for that

    Ever seen a picture of this bridge .. as it was on the night Ted drove Kopechne down? I wouldn’t drive over that thing in the daytime?×330

  14. Oops, I meant to add an exclamation point, not a question mark. I forgot, no edit function

    Think I have a title for a song parody here.

    Edward K is my name and I sponged off the Kenn’dy name
    Till Vineyard Tragedy came
    And I drove off the bridge again
    In the summer of 69, she was pinned in, just barely alive
    By 10 AM, my story had jelled
    It was a lie I delivered oh so well

    The night I drove Kopechne down
    And I was saving my skinnin’
    The night I drove Kopechne down
    And all the flacks they were spinning

    (Has potential)

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