The Number One Cause of Death in the World

What do you think it is?

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  1. Govt it is. Deliberate govt action killed close to a quarter billion people in the 20th century and that doesn’t include wars. . See the work of R J Hummel.of the University of Hawaii.

  2. All wars/killing boil down to two things, money and power, which is really one. Government is the repugnant byproduct of that.
    That, my children, is why the USA is such a radical experiment in government. You can’t let just anybody become rich, all other forms of government demand that they pick who achieves.
    Tocqueville saw this and wrote extensively about it, he also wondered how in such an equal opportunity society, slavery could be allowed.
    Our Republic, like all natural things, self corrected. Sadly this great thinker died in 1859, never living to see the correction.

  3. “Corporations have killed more people than all of the wars of the world, combined.”

    (quote from my college-educated (?) niece)

  4. They claimed Western colonization killed 50 million. I doubt that is even close to being true and is nothing more than a nod to the PC anti-American crowd. A pure lie, fabrication, made up.

  5. Uh Fur, who is the bozo who says we funded Pol Pot’s genocidal regime? We broke off all relations with Cambodia in May of 1975. That guy needs a good-old fashioned Southie beating!

  6. I didn’t agree with all of the statements made in the video but the cxlaims made about the deaths caused by Socialist and Communist regimes are pretty much indisputable. Being reminded of the atrocities the Japanese perpetrated on the people of Nanking, I don’t think two bombs were enough.

    The bottom line from the video is an unarmed citizenry equals an easily controlled, manipulated and many times murdered citizenry.

    After watching it I cleaned my Colt AR and shot off a few rounds. I don’t expect the local police to protect me and I certainly don’t expect our Federal government under this administration to protect me either. We are basically on our own and need to build stronger relationships with family and friends if we expect to survive in what is becoming an increasing chaotic World.

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