White House Places CNN, MSNBC In The Back Row Of Presser


The White House placed CNN and MSNBC in the last two rows of the foreign press section during Tuesday’s joint press conference with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

CNN political analyst and Sentinel editor Brian Karem tweeted Tuesday complaining about the situation.


“I am not saying that they are punishing MSNBC and CNN,” he wrote. “What I am saying is that they are in the last two rows of the foreign press section.”  read more


17 Comments on White House Places CNN, MSNBC In The Back Row Of Presser

  1. Boudreaux’s Butt Paste should work on the most obnoxious bullshit fake news writers.

    I hope they were severely butt hurt.

  2. [In Darth Vader’s voice] “I am altering the deal; pray that I don’t alter it further. You’ve still got press credentials right now.”

  3. Which one was that acosta guy? He should have his credentials revoked and a restraining order issued on him.

  4. Those jerks think they have exclusive control over any press meeting. Jumping up, interrupting constantly with inane questions only for purposes of confrontation. Back of the room now, next stop out the door.

  5. Lucky to still be there at all.

    This WH has shown enormous patience.
    I’d have pulled their press credentials completely back in January.
    I’d also have completely ceases acknowledging the WH correspondents association.
    Let them clutch pearls, then implode.

    The Leftist MSM have no clue what can be done to their corporate Business Model.

  6. and this matters why? Their lies are just as easily reported from row 37 v row 1. Hell, hey don’t even need to be on the premises for that matter.

  7. Is this the equivalent to making them sit at the kids table so the adults can have a mature conversation?
    I fucking love it!


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