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a VeRy iNteLLecTuaL ResPonSe

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  1. I despise her… and she is without a doubt dumber than a bag of doorknobs, but I’m pretty sure she was being humorous.

  2. Clinton had Al Gore as his insurance policy. Barry had Joe. Joe has Kamala. It’s a downward spiral, IQ-wise. If (God forbid) Kamala ascends to the presidency, she will have to scrape the bottom even lower to find someone stupider. AOC?

  3. You get what you tolerate……

    “Idiocracy” was supposed to be a fictional movie…..
    not an instructional movie.

  4. It’s amazing they somehow found someone stupider than Joe Stupid and they didn’t have to drag in AOC.

  5. Kamala is exceptional, not many have the opportunity to be elevated to a position beyond their intellect, competency or ability.
    Look who chose her, a demented, corrupt, incompetent fool.

    Can the US survive the carnage created by the socialists and communists presently leading us to 3rd world status?

    I can’t decide, am I fortunate or sad that I won’t be around to find out? I am fearful and hopeful for my and your descendants.


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