Australian host recalls ‘bizarre’ Ellen DeGeneres experience in 2013

The host said he was shocked and questioned how they were supposed to interview her after coming all this way without looking her in the eye.

“I found the whole thing bizarre.”

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  1. “Ellen” producers’:

    …we need to do better, are committed to do better, and we will do better…

    I don’t suppose that they’d agree it couldn’t get much better than throwing her into a hog farm waste lagoon…

  2. “Now Neil, no one is to talk to Ellen. So you don’t talk to her, you don’t approach her, you don’t look at her,”

    …no problem, I wouldn’t want to talk to or look at that ugly, crazy dyke anyway, and the only way I’d approach her is with a noose…

  3. ALL homosexuals are mentally ill. This accounts for their bizzare behavior. They know they are misfits and act out as a result. They should be treated and not admired.

  4. “Bizarre experience” with Degenerate? Would there be any other kind other than bizarre?!

  5. Stay away from crazies and those bugs that radar in on you.
    I have learned to Never make eye contact with the bugs.
    It draws them like flies.

  6. Interview with Degenerate, hostile work environment and ‘BIZARRE’? #1 who cares #2 what did you expect?

    Like Medusa, Anyone who locked eyes with her highness Degenerate would be turned into stone.

  7. cato
    AUGUST 1, 2020 AT 10:36 AM

    “Like Medusa, Anyone who locked eyes with her highness Degenerate would be turned into stone.”

    AUGUST 1, 2020 AT 10:38 AM
    ‘I would assume they don’t want people to turn to stone by looking at her. Bad publicity.”

    …any MAN that looks at that pissy phiz on that militant dyke will actually NOT be able to harden, let alone turn to STONE for some time afterwards…below the waist, anyway…

  8. We heard the same things about Hillary in the Clinton White House. Celebrities are NEVER who or what they seem to be. When you live behind a facade you live on borrowed time. If everyone is kissing your ass, no one is loyal to you. Fear is NOT loyalty. Reap what you’ve sown Helen and tough shit.

  9. Shes getting the Bill Oreilly treatment. All big shot TV people are demanding and they pass out their list of desires. Sarah Palin did too, but at the time she’s was the only one who’s list was used againt her. I think Hillary demands a boom stick and not for flying…

  10. Not new. Been hearing rumors about it for quite a while.
    I remember she got into an all out war with a pet shop or whatever it was and they wanted their dog back. They accused her of abusing a dog or whatever it was and they were going to sue her, etc. So many people say she’s weird. It’s black and hispanics complaining about her now, but a few years ago, it was gays and whites. She’s an equal opportunity jerk. lol

  11. Ellen is just a crazy little bitch from Atlanta, Texas. Come on, Atlanta! You can do better than that.

  12. Well, Ellen, in my opinion had talent , at least in the past…probably still does…She made a movie called Mr. Wrong , critics hated it, I laughed all the way through. It is funky, with odd humor but , unlike Leftist humor which is based upon the F word and snarky comments, the movie and her standup routines at the time took intelligence, hard work and , of course, an innate ability to find humor in the every day. Mr. Wrong, not at a Second Hand Lions level, is still worth enjoying with an evening drink for a good laugh…My children who were teens found her funny and I was not cringing for some nasty joke…I have seen only one of her daytime shows and remember enjoying it…but I do not generally watch during the day…Her Finding Dory movie , which I took my kids to, was funny as these movies go since they, if good, must keep the Spawn interested while not torturing the Parent…Her voicing, even if she did not write the script, was spot on and had the wryness and enthusiasm needed to keep Nemo engaging…So, maybe this is all cancel culture, Me Too, Liberal Snarky BS and probably because the Producers are all Karens but , despite all of the baggage Ellen now carries, ie queerlobby, spouse spats etc., she is still a positive force given the Nihilism of today. Maybe her positive outlook is why she must be destroyed..

  13. But she sure had her bug eyes glued to Big Mike’s Wang flopping loose while she was dancing on her show…..


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