What Teachers Don’t Want You to Know About Schools Reopening

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  1. Anyone remember the old days when one major argument against homeschooling was the lack of normal and healthy social development because of the lack of adequate social interaction with others?

    Claimed it would result in a bunch of maladjusted misfits and damage the students future lives.

    Times change, don’t they?

  2. I cannot tell you how happy I am that I am not required to be part of these unions. Any time you hear a union rep say “it is for the kids” you can safely know that what they really mean is “it is for the union”

  3. I truly believe that the public school system (both in Canada and the United States) will be a shadow of itself in less than 20 years, perhaps even as early as 5 years. In my city, the Christian school is expanding while public schools close down. And the Christian school charges $ 1,000/month per child for schooling, parents are willing to pay (there is also a family rate). Or, parents are stepping up with the home schooling and having social interaction in other ways. The only children going to public schools will be poor children whose parents do not care.

  4. Ironic isn’t it. We blame schools and higher education for indoctrinating our children into leftist twits but we demand that they return to the indoctrination.

  5. @aleon — This! To a lot of parents, schools’ most important function is essentially day care, and they don’t care that their kids are being abused psychologically and emotionally.

  6. There are going to be a LOT of permanently jobless teachers in several months as parents make set in concrete schooling choices that don’t include public schools.

  7. Don’t de fund unions, abolish them utterly. Public employees should not be allowed to unionize. That’s how communist sympathizers,and other twisted, dangerous individuals, end up in class rooms.

  8. My daughter is looking into the Calvert School to replace the sketchy offers being made by the local government cartel. As a precursor, the kids had to take “placement exams” to determine grade level. The results were pretty alarming. Basically, while their scores were decent in math, reading and spelling, they had no knowledge (after 6-8 years of “schooling”) of geography, science, history, world exploration–basically nothing that would be construed as “Western Civilization”. She is now busy creating her own classroom to start her own program. Lots and lots of support from other parents, local advertising and communication networks to foster the “neighborhood pod” idea. I think the teacher’s unions have shot themselves in the foot on this one! DEFUND THE SCHOOLS!

  9. I think she is hot.Dam,she is married!
    I thought I had a chance… Story of my life.

  10. We’re coordinating with 5 different families to teach kids in those families. We are rotating houses where kids are going to hold class. It’s homeschooling without daily burden.

  11. A “freedom of education ” amendment to the constitution, education vouchers for anyone who wants one, the only requirement being that the kids pass a test for each year.

    There’s gotta be many better ways to teach kids than to have a unionized .gov bureaucrat read the book to them, after first failing to teach them to read adequately by using the “whole word ” method. Talk about your “job security”.

    Imagine how that money could support smart families and undercut the “single mom slut subsidy'” welfare system.

  12. Here in Oregon, my sons private school is still trying to figure out what school will look like in the fall. The legislature has passed a new bill, essentially, no school until November 1.
    Anyone here know of an Oregon group/organization fighting this? I would like to join that fight.
    Unfortunately, when you leave a public school, that money does not just magically follow the student. (Even for us single moms, Jo Blo) The additional daycare expense wipes out my private school budget. So, yes please to a federal voucher system! Post haste

  13. Our schools are closed until mid September. I have no proof but am convinced it’s be of the union. My freaking out teacher friends in Fakebook are suddenly silent about the announcement. If they delay again we are just pulling them from the system. My kids are miserable And over it. Nothing sadder than a 5 year old in tears by he “just misses playing with friends”!!! They were supposed to start in 2 days. All our school supplies, lunchboxes and backpacks ready to be used. This poor kid cannot sit 10 minutes in a mask but will be required to wear it all day. I’m still not convinced they will be opening. If they aren’t working they should not be paid.

  14. my wifes Christian school got a million dollar donation this year and is moving ahead with the expansion they had plans for and is adding 6 classrooms and another gym. The have even more students this year than last. It is a 6-12 school and tuition for high school is about 800. month. Its also 6 miles from town so quite a commitment by parents.


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