Coronavirus Jailbreak: California Gov. Gavin Newsom Commutes Sentences for 14 Convicted Killers

Breitbart: California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is responding to the Chinese coronavirus crisis by commuting the sentences of 14 felons convicted of murder or being involved in a murder.

Newsom made the decision to more quickly commute felons’ sentences in the midst of the coronavirus, providing early release through parole to about 19 felons — some of whom killed children and one convict who murdered a pregnant woman.

Two of the felons are immigrants to the U.S., and Newsom’s purpose for commuting their sentences is to have them avoid deportation.

The 19 felons given commutations by Newsom include:

  • 50-year-old Rodney McNeal convicted of stabbing his pregnant wife to death
  • 75-year-old Suzanne Johnson convicted of assaulting a child to death
  • 35-year-old Kristopher Blehm convicted for aiding in a murder
  • 64-year-old Joann Parks convicted of killing her three children
  • 67-year-old Rosemary Dyer convicted of murdering her husband
  • 40-year-old Jason Bryant convicted for witnessing murder during a robbery
  • 56-year-old Steven Bradley convicted of murdering a gas station worker
  • 64-year-old Richard Flowers convicted of murdering a woman
  • 61-year-old Samuel Eldredge convicted of shooting a person to death
  • 49-year-old Ramon Rodriguez convicted of murdering a person for pay
  • 56-year-old James Harris convicted of kidnapping and murdering two people


12 Comments on Coronavirus Jailbreak: California Gov. Gavin Newsom Commutes Sentences for 14 Convicted Killers

  1. So- wait-
    Child killers, pregnant women killers, and spouse killers are being freed? Am I reading this correctly??? 🤨

    That’s… absolutely vile.

  2. This is obviously a true message for those that put this POS in office,
    Thanks, all you Democrat April Fools!

  3. Those street prophets I remember from my younger days, the ones standing on street corners with signs saying ” Repent, the end is nigh!” were right.

    We should have listened to them.

    Because the end really is coming at us with increasing speed and there is no escape from it when it arrives, which will be far sooner than people who laugh at the idea think.

  4. The economy is in the crapper, unemployment is going through the roof and we are being ordered to “social distance”. So let’s release people from prison who have little chance of getting a job, if jobs were available, and have no where to live.

    Gee, what could possibly go wrong? Well, at least the will be room in the prisons for the people who violate curfews or go to church.

  5. 40-year-old Jason Bryant convicted for witnessing murder during a robbery? Witnessing? Really? Perhaps I missed something..

    “The first stage in the corruption of morals is the banishment of truth …”
    Michel de Montaigne

  6. Governor A H Nuisance lives up to his name, Democrats should’ve found out what planet he’s from before the election.

  7. so if vigilante justice should occur, would I be sad? Nope.

    Newsom is a rancid POS. God will judge him harshly.

  8. Our betters will never suffer the consequences of their ideological, self-serving, and narcissistic decisions.


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