Cuban “Sonic Weapon” Mystery May Be Solved

Electronics experts believe they may know why US Embassy employees and visitors seemed to be suffering the ill effects of being exposed to some kind of sonic weapon in Cuba. The researchers believe that the culprit is misplaced listening devices that are interfering with each other and causing the effect. More




20 Comments on Cuban “Sonic Weapon” Mystery May Be Solved

  1. Sonic weapons are a nightare, just a sound and you vomit – freeze or far worse and you can’t do shit about it !

  2. It’s just a Cuban crime of percussion,
    Messy and old fashioned.
    Yeah, that’s what the papers did say.
    It’s just a Cuban crime of percussion,
    Anjejo and knives a slashin’.
    Yeah but that’s what the people like to read about,
    Up in America, up in America.

    Apologies to Jimmy Buffett


    Now all I have to do is find all those smarmy internet bastards who disagreed with me AND STALK THEM TO THE ENDS OF THE EARTH.

  4. How passé Cooba. Get with the program. The NSA program that is.

    If you wish to mend relations with your betters to the north, drop that silly communist govt and join the rest of the free world in 21st century spying 🕵️‍♂️ techniques.

  5. I don’t believe that the fuc Cuban socialist government are the devil in person.
    Not because the homosexual Fidel Castro is dead doesn’t mean that the brothers and sisters, all of them not doing shit. I can’t stand this mother fuc family. This fuc animals will go straight to hell . Fuc the castros,and the che Guevara family.

  6. “And this may not have been done intentionally to harm diplomats, the scientists concluded in their study, first reported by the Daily Beast.”


  7. One of the first things Trump should have done is reverse the Cuba shit that commie maggot obama did before he left. He can sell go ahead and send them car parts for their 50’s vintage vehicles.

    But other than that they can go fukthemselves!

  8. Ok I’ll ask the obvious- listening devices listen, they receiver sound.. they don’t produce sound, right Dr Fu?

  9. Had a co-worker who was having hearing problems. Finally went to the doctor,
    who diagnosed him with tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

    He told me, “Hell, I been hearing that stuff at night for years. I just thought it was
    crickets and shit.”



    Been around for over 10 years now…
    Mounted on a jeep and throws serious pain
    in the ears thru a piezo transducer for 900’……

  11. TURBO=
    Depends.Some project a “carrier” wave
    onto a surface,be it a wall or glass.Human voices
    and other sounds “modulate” the carrier wave and
    it is reflected back to the source antenna,then a receiver
    “demodulates” the the voices…… Who knows what electro-magnetic
    or super sonic radiation and multiple combos of said radiation
    and at what power levels ??? all important people! I can hit you
    with 800 MHZ {old school cell phone band a & b} at 100 to 300 watts
    and you will walk out of a building and forget who you are and where
    you are and then walk out onto a 5 lane interstate highway.

  12. @RADIOATIONMAN: That’s some scary shit right there. Wonder if that would have
    worked on the VC when they were holed up in those tunnels. Probably not, though
    – too much earth involved.

  13. “Listening devices”. They’re called “microphones” dumbasses. And they should have had every other one wired out of phase but they’re too stupid.


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