Eighth Illegal Alien Accused of Rape in Maryland Was Freed by Sanctuary City


The eighth illegal alien charged with rape or sexual assault in Montgomery County, Maryland in less than two months was freed a year ago from police custody due to the county’s sanctuary policy.

Oluwakayode Adewole Adebusuyi, a 26-year-old illegal alien, was arrested last week by the Montgomery County Police Department after he allegedly raped an intoxicated woman in his car, according to police.

Investigators said Adebusuyi was at a bar with a mutual friend of the victim’s when he offered her his car to sleep in because she was not feeling well. The woman accepted the offer, feel asleep in Adebusuyi’s car, but when she woke up, the woman told police the illegal alien began raping her. more here

SNIP: Is governor Larry Hogan (R) still thinking of running against Trump?

6 Comments on Eighth Illegal Alien Accused of Rape in Maryland Was Freed by Sanctuary City

  1. Sounds like she put herself in a bad spot. That’s not to excuse him but she should have known better than to trust a muslim.
    Do stupid things win stupid prizes.
    That said, kill the filthy animal.

  2. Hey stupid gringos! Don’ you no get eet yet? Eet’s not rape if eet’s not illEEgal for US to DO eet!

    Eet’s GOOD, no? Democrats SAY eet’s good, so eet’s GOOD!

    Ha! Ha!

    *coughs TB sputum onto salad bar*

  3. She needs to get a very, very good lawyer and sue the city that declared itself a sanctuary since they are breaking federal law. Sue everyone in sight for massive bucks. Teach those assholes a lessons via their budget and watch just how fast they’re voted out of office by the suddenly outraged lefty taxpayers.


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