Elderly Man With Fire Extinguisher Beaten Trying To Defend Kenosha Danish Fraternal Organization – IOTW Report

Elderly Man With Fire Extinguisher Beaten Trying To Defend Kenosha Danish Fraternal Organization


A video published to social media on Tuesday appears to show Black Lives Matter (BLM) rioters attacking a man in Kenosha, Wisconsin, as he tried to defend a charitable association with a fire extinguisher. More

The charitable association, The Danish Brotherhood Lodge #14, did not survive the night and was lost when the downstairs tenant, a mattress store, was looted and set alight on Monday night. Here

22 Comments on Elderly Man With Fire Extinguisher Beaten Trying To Defend Kenosha Danish Fraternal Organization

  1. The BLMer sucker punches this guy from behind, and he’s claiming it was self-defense? Does not compute.

  2. Those who own businesses that were destroyed and others who were harmed should file a class action lawsuit against the mayor, police chief and governor.
    These jerks and their inaction are responsible for the the damages and in each city they all seem to get a pass.

  3. Substitute shotgun for fire extinguisher and results will be different. BLM only understnds vioence so force is required…lethal force.

  4. Crime doesn’t pay? Unfortunately in George Soros world it does. I wish the DOJ would go after this guy. 🤬

    He is funding this anarchy and will bail these scum out, then they’ll be back tonight to do more damage.

  5. @Miss Kitty your comment brings up a question I’ve been mulling over all morning. With all the money already given to BLM, can the donors now do anything to stop the rioting and violence?

    The optics on this story alone are horrible for democrats. It should be replayed from now until November 3rd along with all the other acts of mayhem posted to social media.

  6. Where are the parents of these little bastards? Why are they allowed to run the streets with baseball bats or gasoline, doing damage to their community? Don’t tell me that the parents haven’t a clue what their kids are up to. Seeing them leave the house dressed in Black with militant paraphernalia…. no questions? Are you kidding me?? Kick their f-n asses. I bet you most of these kids have fathers… maybe spank their asses in front of these shitheads! Come on, be a parent and step up. MOMs you too! Damn!

  7. Here is a question for you. Do black lives matter to you more today than they did yesterday, or the day before? Trick question? You decide.

  8. The old man should know better than to defend the building with only a fire extinguisher. Only way to deal with the rioters is with a gun and lots of bullets. It’s coming, no stopping now.

  9. @aleon: No life matters to me when they want to kill me. I have no problem eliminating any of them. There’s a reason why the 2nd Amendment exists.

  10. Living in a small town a half block from the park, there are always kids. As soon as boredom turns to vandalism or other stupidity, it is generally one that is the ring leader the instigator. That is who needs caught. This is the same, if the the instigators were arrested, wounded, or DOA, the stupidity would end.
    I’ve never been a racist, but I’m starting to come around.
    There better be a load of black people come forward condemning these actions, or assume they are part of the problem as well.
    You will quit being a minority, as soon as somehow being ___________, makes you special.

  11. The Mayor and the Governor turned down resources from the National Guard. In doing so, after admitting that they lack the resources, they have turned over to the population at large responsibility for protecting their personal property as well as the city itself.

    They said: You are on your own.

    That is the alpha and the omega of what has gone down in Kenosha.

    Some cities are populated by pansies, enough Kenosha residents demonstrably are not going to sit back while their elected officials watch as everything they have worked their entire lives for goes up in flames.

  12. Here’s a future plan. (1) Rebuild the Danish Brotherhood Lodge. (2) Spend a lot of time learning to go viking. (3) When looters attack in the future, apply said viking skills vigorously.

    Award style points for artistic ax wielding. Members who want to be berzerkers are entitled to free beverages at happy hour.

  13. Nobody needs a 30 round magazine is what they tell us. I agree, 30 rounds is just getting started, what is needed would be a Stoner 63 if it were as handy.

  14. JDHasty: belt-fed, crew-served weapons is what is really needed here.

    I predict that one of these riots will be squashed by some pissed off patriotic group who massacres them. It will be the Fort Sumter event of our time. Democrat “leaders” are feckless fools, so something has got to give in an intolerable situation.

  15. An excellent use for the A-10 Warthog. 1000 rounds of 30 mm cannon shells. They carry rockets and other weaponry. The morons who are rioting want violence, give them violence, more than they can stand.


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