Girl Challenges David Hogg To An Arm Wrestle

So far he hasn’t responded.

19 Comments on Girl Challenges David Hogg To An Arm Wrestle

  1. How many times can this Hogg get slayed?! 🙂 He’s not a hog, he’s a boor. (Spelling intentional).

  2. If David Hogg is extremely lucky, he will never run into my daughter. Mean while, why won’t he answer Kaitlin back?

  3. Pay per View anyone??

    She could fund college in…about a few minutes?

    Smart young lady she understands betas with no sense of grip or calloused hands.

  4. I think I’m in love
    & before y’all start the wise cracks, the last name has more than one syllable … 😜

  5. He’d probably cry assault when, not if, she won. Never did see an attention ho of his ilk with any integrity.

  6. I arm wrestle someone at least once a week. It’s the thing to do in my rural area. Try to beat Joe.
    I rarely lose. Some people don’t know this but it is common for someone who has not trained
    how to arm wrestle to snap a bone.
    So this dude could end up with a broken arm.

  7. Lil piggy won’t accept, not just because he has straw for muscles but because he needs to continue to profit off of his dead classmates by perpetuating the ‘controversy’ for as long as possible.

  8. Shoot, Ted Nougat beat me to it. I’m sure that she would break one of his tiny little arms like a twig.

    You would think that such a physically inferior specimen would recognize the need for firearms for his own protection. Alas, he thinks a bull horn will protect him throughout his miserable life. Sorry, if he is ever alone in an alley he may regret his disarmament philosophy when meeting hoodlums.

  9. Hogg sees himself as a folk hero. We see him as an opportunistic and conniving self promoter who’s only interested in gaining popularity and fame.
    He’s a pathetic specimen of the species and his androgynous form suggests he would stand no chance against her or even her little sister.
    He’s been made to feel very uncomfortable by the challenge and so hides and hope it blows over.

  10. Wow, a made for TV special featuring a human female arm wrestling a smarmy alien from outer space! Inquiring minds want to watch!

  11. This girl reminds me of my aunts. Both looks and attitude. They all carried decades before the State allowed us to. And they were nurses.

    Man, I love my family.

    This girl is going to be fine and have a good life. Bet on it.

  12. HA HAA HAAA – i beat a 275 lb suomi(sp) in less than
    1 second ( guess he wasn’t Ready) Ha HAAA. & i’m
    past 64 yrs!!! The ‘deal’ was a ‘comp’ glass of wine.
    I won. Haha Haaa. Hoggie – where Are you ??? (you little
    ‘toothpick’ pipsqueak} You got nothin’ . Maybe Eat Rite &
    Go Work-out somewhere.

  13. 0h ps. i’m a 120 lb aged female. Got No muscle, butt
    some ‘savvy’? W/Rite ‘training’ Anyone Can Take
    Someone down, w/rite moves & a ‘ping’. Be FAST W/ Presence <
    Capish__ i thought so.


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