Guy Drops Gun, and Pants, During Robbery

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  1. My nephew is stupid like that, robbed a drug store and knocked a toy ball off the rack in the process, picked it up, put it back. FINGERPRINTS!!

    Total loser at this point in his life, knows better but God help him please!!!

  2. Dumb criminal of the day, he could’ve at least worn a belt. I have to wear suspenders because no matter how tight I cinch up my belt my pants will fall down. I don’t know if it’s an old guy problem but I’d rather look like Red Green than have my pants fall down.

  3. “What kind of pistol was that with see-through grips?”
    Ah, the don’t make see thru mags. He had no mag in the gun. I doubt if there was one in the chamber.

  4. This link shows it from 2 angles. The second angle shows something fly off of or out of the pistol when it hits the floor. The grip wasn’t “see-through” before that, but I still can’t tell if it was a mag that flew out (with a grip with the “covers” missing), or if it was the grip panels or some kind of grip / mag “assembly” that popped out. Probably not a quality firearm in any case.

  5. How do they know it was an armed robbery? Looked to me like he was just turning in a pistol he found out in the parking lot. He was a bit clumsy and dropped it, though.

    “…and that’s the truth, Your Honor.”


  6. It looks like his hands are covered in black paint or something Charlie. I wondered if he painted the palms of his hands black in an effort to “hide” his fingerprints and that eliminated the friction ridges that not only make fingerprints, but also allow the fingers to grasp things. With the paint (or whatever it was) on his hands and fingers, he couldn’t get a grip on the pistol when he pulled it. He’s a multi-faceted idiot.

  7. Bubba’s Brother or one of his buds told him that if you greased your hands they couldt get finger prints LOL!?

  8. What kind of pistol was that with see-through grips?

    CO2 BB pistol. The see through part is where the CO2 cartridge goes.

  9. Stupid girl behind the counter is lucky she didn’t shoot herself the way she was handling it.
    Nice grip, though……..


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