IRS Asks Obamacare Holdouts to “Reconsider”

The Obama Administration has tasked the IRS with contacting those who would rather pay the Obamacare penalty and go uninsured than purchase worthless overpriced health insurance.


9 Comments on IRS Asks Obamacare Holdouts to “Reconsider”

  1. Let’s all tell the IRS to ask FBI Director Comey to reconsider his decision not to prosecute Hitlery, first. Then we’ll think about it.

  2. New plea to those who rejected crap sandwiches. This time there is fresh bread and fresh filling, you WILL like it this time!

  3. Refuse to pay the penalty. Make them spend money on you while they try to intimidate you.

    When they send agents to your door to force compliance, decline then resist.

    If they press the issue with force, respond in kind.

    You see, we all know what the right thing to do is – most of us just don’t have the resolve to do it when it becomes inevitably sticky.

    Part of the penalty goes to abortion of the innocent. I will not comply.

    Now, to the US government official who’s reading this – TRY ME.

  4. They are overstepping the authority granted to them by the People. Fuck every one of those traitors. And I’ll tell them that on the phone, in the mail, or to their corrupt faces if they have the courage to get that close to me.

    You do not have to buy any 0bamacare. You do not have to pay any fines. Those things are still illegal. Don’t make them legal by submitting to them.

    We are still under the protection of the constitution. It is the government that is breaking the law. Don’t expect congress to stop the corruption. We will have to do that ourselves. Don’t submit to traitors or tyrants.

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