John Solomon’s Car Broken Into; Laptop Stolen With Explosive Info On Ukraine & Joe Biden

Pete Santilli Show:

Someone broke into investigative reporter John Solomon’s car parked near the White House the night before the senate impeachment trial began.

The thief stole John Solomon’s laptop which contained sensitive information on former Vice President Joe Biden and Ukraine.

The break-in, which happened across from the White House’s Eisenhower Executive Office Building, was described as a “professional job” and authorities believe the individual(s) used a sophisticated electronic jamming device to open the car’s lock.

“It’s a pretty professional job,” John Solomon told RCI of the break-in, “but it’s probably just a coincidence.”

“It was probably just a street criminal searching for pass codes,” he added. “Or it could be someone searching for my Ukraine stuff, we don’t know at this point.”

It appears to be a targeted political hit because Solomon said nothing else was taken from his car, including cash. more

25 Comments on John Solomon’s Car Broken Into; Laptop Stolen With Explosive Info On Ukraine & Joe Biden

  1. It’s bait, right? Please tell me it’s bait with a tracker.

    And don’t even try the child porn frame, deep state.

  2. No mention if files were deleted. And why would a criminal drop the loot? That laptop is worth money to someone. Better announce that you’re not suicidal John. Or did the deep state threaten you and this is the cover story? Sounds fishy to me.

  3. So, “explosive info” who’s going to use it ?, not the DOJ, not the FBI. It’s no different than blank pages. Biden and family are under the protection of the US justice system anti-prosecution dome.

  4. Agreed, sounds fishy.

    Why would ANYONE leave a laptop in the car in one of the most criminally saturated areas in America???

  5. John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey refused to comment, but their body language indicated they know details about the the planning of the heist.

  6. I have a “Truck Vault” in my truck. They make them for cars too. It’s damn near indestructible. Come on, no ones this stupid.

  7. I smell a rat. NO ONE east of the Mississippi is stupid enough to leave valuables in their car. No one. This is a set up.

  8. ““It’s a pretty professional job,” John Solomon told RCI of the break-in, “but it’s probably just a coincidence.””

    Co-inky-dink my ass. Who runs a laptop barefoot with no backup, either on their office server or the cloud.

    Maybe it’s full of disinformation…

  9. …I have laptops for a couple of different companies, and I have left them in my car before, but in terms of data they would do a theif no good.

    Because the data isn’t there.

    The data is kept on remote hard drives in locked buildings in other places that are accessed through a password-protected VM shell.

    …so, to get the security data, you’d need;
    -My laptop.
    -My password.
    -Connection via recognized IP with its own password.
    -knowledge of where the VM shell is and how to start it.
    -another password.
    -knowledge of the corporate IT network system and which of the HDDs I keep my data on.
    – know how I organize my files and what I call them, if you want SPECIFIC data.
    -and, if you want to change or erase data on the Corporate systems you’ve remoted into, or go into files that aren’t managed by me, yet ANOTHER password.

    …and all this for MACHINE CONTROL files that would be pretty useless to someone without my particular machines.

    …and YOU’RE gonna tell me your Arkanacide-level data on the most murderous people IN THE WORLD is just in LOCAL storage in the back of your CAR?


    …if someone stole your data, you WANTED it to be stolen, pure and simple…or, it never existed in the FIRST place.

    That’s not how data storage works, if you’re not an idiot.

    He’s either lying, or someone read him his suicide note…

  10. if only the cia worked for the American public

    hillary would be in gitmo and soros would be pushing up daisy’s

    and Solomon would still have his laptop

  11. Heh heh … really?

    More cops per square foot than any other place on Earth – and the majority of them between the White House and the EOB? The EOB used to be the location of WHCA – and you can bet your ass that place was secure – inside and out.
    I bet they didn’t even leave a single fingerprint. Any takers?

    The spooks are at it again … CIA, NSA, FBI, DIA, or all of them. President Trump really needs to clean up that cesspool.

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. The whole thing stinks worse than Watergate was. But nothing will probably happen since it’s coming from the democraps this time instead of the Republicans.


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