Keeping Score?

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  1. Hey MSNBC,
    Your baptism bowls are filled with Atlantic Water.
    We all know who you worship.
    Yhe Water that BURNS.

    God keeps Score.

  2. Don’t forget they side also with bill clinton, anthony weiner, harvey winestien, bill cosby, roman polaski, farakahn, jim crowe and so so many more

  3. Someone just posted to a Facebook group for Santa Monica that Chick-fil-A is now open here. Near the high school, naturally. Of course someone had to chime in with a long diatribe about how hate-filled the owners are, which led to a long discussion of that, with a few random comments about the good food.
    I had to respond, so I essentially said ‘I hope your virtue-signaling keeps the lines down (but it won’t).’
    The winners are anyone who now gets to enjoy quality Chick-fil-A food. The losers are only those who allow their emotions to be controlled by some perceived injustice.

  4. LCD – its not perceived injustice, most of the time it is manufactured or concocted injustice

  5. It’s almost like their leadership’s been injected with some long acting implant of Sodium Pentothal.

    All masks dropped, and they just can’t help revealing all their dark motives.

  6. Blew Wave? … more like a Red Tide!

    better yet … let’s just call it a ‘Trumping’


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