Libs triggered by Joe Kenn 3’s Spanish

DC: Rep. Joe Kennedy III addressed DACA recipients in Spanish during his response to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday night.

Unfortunately for him, the liberal base may have found his attempts to be more offensive than they were honorable. People pointed out his lack of fluency and the obvious attempt to pander to immigrants.

Multiple people noted that it could be “condescending” to assume that DACA recipients do not speak English and need to be addressed in Spanish.

“News alert: dreamers speak more English than Spanish,” Father Jonathan Morris tweeted. “They came here as kids.”  read more

23 Comments on Libs triggered by Joe Kenn 3’s Spanish

  1. I love it when the Left shoots themselves in the foot.

    “Badges? We don’t need no stinking- ”


    “Ay, Caramba! Que duele como la mierda!”

  2. When I was young, and pretty, I had Mex girl friend. She had two brothers. Typical Pachucos. She started teaching me Espanollie so I could figure out what her ass bite brothers where saying about me. So one Saturday Night during a big ass house party one of them says something in Mex about me and I answer him back. But then he starts making fun of my Espanollie. So, I knocked his ass out. Then his brother gets all upset and I had to knock his ass out. It was at this moment in time I realized Tequila was not a good beverage for me. And that night was the end of my Mex Girl friend experience.

  3. So we can make fluency in English a requirement for any DACA eligibility? If English is not your first language, you were not brought here as a child. Sounds like a winner to me

  4. Joe should have done what most English only speakers do – speak slowly and loudly. “And now I’d like to address our dreamers. I…FEEL…YOUR…PAIN.” I think this is more effective and not at all pandering or condecending.

  5. Bad Brad. I gotta teach you Irish some day so you can knock the shit outta some of my leftard relatives. Sleanta!

  6. When your mouth is full of slobber Spanish, Ebonics or gibberish are the only languages you can mutter (just ask Nancy Piglosi)!

  7. @Bad_Brad: Damn, I haven’t heard the term “pachuco” since I was in Jr. High School. Takes me back.

    (Back in the day we didn’t go to school with Blacks, so we had to make do with Mexicans for our troublemaking minority students.)


  8. [dammit, UC Browser!]

    @Mr. Pinko:
    I didn’t hear a bad Kirk impersonation from Joe as much as I heard a bad Obama impersonation. Kinda makes it look like the Dems are trying to capture some 2004 vintage lightning in an empty bottle of scotch.

  9. If you ever take a cruise to a Mexican port, then take a shore excursion hosted by a Mexican national, you will doubtlessly be informed that Mexican children are taught English until eighth grade. Hmmm. Consider that the next time a Mexican tells you, “no habla Inglés.”

  10. A smattering of foreign language can be amusing.

    Had a Russian care giver for the “old man” he he was once rambling on in Russian on the phone while I drove some place. When he hung up I asked him “So what was your experience in the military?” The surprised look was followed by the question “You speak Russian?” To which I replied, No don’t understand a word of it.” and then smiled.

    Both my kids are somewhat fluent in Spanish and is amusing to get translations of those conversations that some think are not understood.

    Alway smile and tell them all that you don’t understand a word of it regardless of the language. That is after all what they tell us.


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