London Mayor Sadiq Khan travels to Austin Texas to promote thought control – IOTW Report

London Mayor Sadiq Khan travels to Austin Texas to promote thought control


American Thinker: Sadiq Khan Squelches Freedom of Thought and Expression.

Sadiq Khan, the first Muslim mayor of London,  will be speaking at a conference of technology executives in Austin, Texas.  The gist of his remarks has been announced.  It is a speech advocating a troika of control, condemnation, and confiscation.  The control he requests is that the masters of the internet bar anti-Islamic comments and threats.  His condemnation is of President Donald Trump for his tweets (especially those in support of Britain First), which have proven to be an encouragement to those with an anti-Islamic agenda.  And he suggests that the big technology firms be taxed not on the basis of profits, but on the basis of revenue if the anti-Islamic messages continue on the internet, thus threatening confiscation if his “advice” is not taken.  He has expressed delight at Germany’s hate speech laws, advocated and advanced by Angela Merkel.

Mr. Khan comes out of a cultural mindset that does not understand the idea of the marketplace of ideas, independent thought, individualism, and the Anglo-American tradition of liberty within the context of law.  You see, there are hundreds of millions, if not billions of people who want to be told what to say and even what to think.  Thinking is a burden for them.  It’s not just a matter of wanting to “go along to get along.”  No.  The exercise of thinking for themselves, and having fewer pressures and controls on their speech, behavior, and especially mentality, is too much pressure for them.  It’s a level of responsibility they cannot cope with.  Why can’t they cope?  Here is where metaphysics hits practical day-by-day exigencies.  more


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  1. Yeah, that’s just what Austin needs: a visit by a radical muslim mayor during a bombing spree. Something fishy going on.

  2. Where is Charles Whitman when you need him?
    And how did this puke get into our country? I thought DJT was persona noon grata in London. Why did we let this punk in.
    AG Ken Paxton, find something to charge this asshole with. Spitting on the sidewalk, excessive stupidity, too ugly etc. Let’s give him a nice Texas welcome.

  3. I heard he was the one behind the Austin package bombings!

    Well that’s what I heard. Isn’t that how the limp left does it, start out with a unfounded accusation, and once it’s out there and gets repeated over and over it’s assumed to be true?

  4. Germany apparently doesn’t learn from history either.
    Moochoman; it’s not “our country” it’s “Austin”, otherwise known as “LA South”, the most unapologetically libtard hellhole down in the great state of Texas.

  5. @TP: Austin used to be a part of Texas. Just like Atlanta used to be a part of Georgia.

    Libs tend to take over the capitals and larger cities first. It’s their natural breeding ground, anyway.

  6. Very bold to visit during Trump’s presidency. The scumbag jihadi London mayor is playing with fire.

  7. I believe we should embrace Mr. Khan’s vision. When he lands, we should arrest him, tell him to shut the fuck up, take his wallet and ship him off to some third world hell hole and dump him there. That way, we will have applied all of the principles Khan advocates, although probably not in a way he envisioned it.

  8. My first thought was who let that little bastard in? My second thought was, oh, it’s Austin ….


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