Look At the Filth That Societal’s Filth Left Behind In Wokeistan

CHOP in Seattle. The left’s Utopia.

ht/ c . steven tucker

25 Comments on Look At the Filth That Societal’s Filth Left Behind In Wokeistan

  1. Sorry, but that looks like a typical china town in North American Cities.

  2. These are society’s shit, looking for free shit and easy power.

    Don’t give in, or your life will look like this garbage.

  3. “That which is common to the many has the least care bestowed upon it.”
    As true 2400 years ago as it is today. Socialism/Communism has never worked and never will.

  4. Looks like a vomitorium. I guess what these pasty vermin are really saying is that they have too much. Let’s loot them

  5. The bluest skies you’ve ever seen are in Seattle
    And the hills the greenest green in Seattle
    WTF happened?

  6. ……….in the not to distant future, these ´autonomous zones´ will be held up as examples of functioning socialist utopias, destroyed by the cruel, racist, conservative American Gvnt

  7. Kinda like the devastation left after the Keystone Pipeline protesters vacated the Reservation. Declare the city a Superfund site and go in with the flamethrowers.

  8. What happens when parents dont make their kids pick up after themselves

    We should hunt down all the proggtard parents of these brats, take them to Seattle and make them clean up after their kids … one more time


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