Lovely Break from Insanity

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  1. The cats are sedated? Hahaha.

    (Okay, the little professor girl is a cutie – but the cats! I’ve never seen cats behave like that! That was insane! Wait…)

  2. joe6pak

    I’ve got one that likes to hurdle itself through the screens on your open windows to get inside. That mutt has destroyed screens. And as soon as you walk inside he knows he done wrong. But that doesn’t stop him from doing it again.

  3. Better than watching antifa/blm scumbags
    hack,pick,gnaw away at my AMERICA!

  4. Reminds me of my daughter when she was that age. She would take the clothes from her Cabbage Patch dolls off and put them on our tomcat. Then she would put him in her baby stroller and push him around. Sometimes he would fall asleep in that stroller.

  5. The poor cats had their spines broke to keep the illusion that they’re sitting there intently listening to the art lesson.

    How cute.

  6. Beyond cute. The little teacher is adorable. These cats have probably been conditioned to behave like that since they were kittens. So sweet.

  7. If I tried to sit my cats in a chair like that I’d be teaching them how to wrap a forearm with bandages. Impressed.

  8. They are so well disciplined, they don’t even have their elbows on the table!

    Could watch those types of vids all day…not good! :>o

  9. Thanks Claudia.
    She reminds me of my daughter at that age. She would do the same with her rabbits. I’m forwarding to her right now.

  10. It would be really great to see them with a fork and a knife in their furry paws. With a napkin around their necks.

    That was off the charts Claudia, thank you.


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