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Michael Moore and his ex-wife are still fighting

FOX News: Documentarian Michael Moore says his ex-wife’s lawsuit against him is a malicious end-run around a sealing order in their ongoing Michigan arbitration case filed to “smear” Moore in the press, according to new court documents.

Kathleen Glynn, who is also a filmmaker and has worked on many projects with Moore, divorced him in 2014 after a 23-year marriage.

Earlier this month Glynn filed a lawsuit against Moore in Manhattan Supreme Court claiming that he was stiffing her on profits from their joint movie projects.

Moore’s lawyer, Kenneth Warner, wrote in court papers filed Friday that Glynn sued in order to publicize information that would have remained sealed and confidential if their case had stayed in the Michigan court.  MORE


SNIP: If you remember, he is also accused of stiffing other people, too.
He doesn’t ‘stand up for the little guy’, he rolls on them .

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  1. Honestly, I don’t care how much money is involved, I’d be too embarrassed to admit I knew Fatulance Moore, much less married him.

  2. Prenup says she gets a pallet of Cheesecake a month.
    He takes umbrage at her temerity.
    His pudding allowance is a trifling amount next to that.

  3. She probably got tired of having to pack a lunch just to walk around him each day and make sure his ass crack wasn’t showing.


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