One Presidential Campaign Knocked On A Million Doors Last Week, The Other Campaign Didn’t Bother


Donald Trump’s campaign says it knocked on over 1 million doors in the past week alone.

Joe Biden’s campaign says it knocked on zero. More

Tim Pool questions whether democrats are even trying anymore. Watch

15 Comments on One Presidential Campaign Knocked On A Million Doors Last Week, The Other Campaign Didn’t Bother

  1. No need to pound the pavement. They got more than enough fraudulent votes to steal the election. They’re very confident.

  2. Looks a lot like 2016 except the D’rats are busy destroying
    their cities using their brownshirts on this go-around.

  3. The dems can’t campaign. If the try to appeal to the middle the lose the radial, Marxist, anti-American wing to the party (the majority of the party) and if they try to appeal the radical Marxists they loose the rest of the country. Hence Joe is best off stuck in the basement.

  4. Tim’s video included an article that Biden just named his FIRST Texas campaign hires on August 3rd but they are telling us he is up 3 points here or in a dead heat. I can tell you anecdotally that is complete BS given the flags and signs going up. And I also stumbled on a Yahoo article last week that said per Biden’s campaign manager no Texas is not in play but Georgia is however they’d have to see how he was doing in the 8 swing states before committing money / effort to Georgia. I thought he was up 15 points and had locked those states down?! This is the most bizarre approach and either they don’t think he can win it, they have no idea if they really want to commit to running Biden or they just are counting on destroying Trump with the media and cheating nothing they are doing suggests they really think they are winning.

  5. Come on,man!
    But the polls show Bid=n ahead by double digits!
    President Trump needs to just step aside and let Jo= save us all.

  6. Actually the DNC doesn’t care if Biden loses – they’d be better off he does – because the enforcement arms of the democrat party (antifa and blm) will burn the country down when Trump wins.

    You aint seen nuthin yet, buh-buh-buh-baby, you aint seen nuthin yet! Here’s somthin, here’s somthin you’ll never forget!

  7. Demorats don’t need to campaign, knock on doors or debate. They are working hard to steal the election! Only way to get it.

  8. They’ve got to be doing their own polling and seeing Biden is going to get buried in November. The rank and file pols on the left are probably focused on not getting dragged down with him.

    Why lift a finger to help the Biden campaign when they’ve got their hands full trying to save themselves?


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