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Outside GOP Debate Last Night

State Senator Lena Taylor (WI-D) showed up outside the Republican debate last night and made a point of posting pics of protestors to her Facebook page in solidarity with their various causes.


One of the protestors Lena Taylor applauded last night.

A flag burning was interrupted by the Milwaukee Police as well.   They also posted pictures to their Facebook page.

Flag burning Republican Debate

Milwaukee cops gathering evidence.

State Senator Taylor has caught all kinds of negative comments for her celebration of leftists being leftist. The Milwaukee Police are getting showered with thanks.

Lena Taylor Here

Milwaukee Police Here

Guess which story is being played up in the traditional media and which story caught fire online?

4 Comments on Outside GOP Debate Last Night

  1. It figures. She was a Flea-bagger…

    Other lawmakers who fled sent messages over Twitter and issued written statements but did not disclose their location.

    Erpenbach said the group had been in Rockford, Ill., but they dispersed by late afternoon and were all still outside Wisconsin.

    In response to a question of where she was, Sen. Lena Taylor sent a tweet saying she was “doing the people’s business. Power to the PEOPLE.”


  2. And when she’s “dispatched” during the uprising (as either a traitor or an end-of-lifespan-useful-tool), I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut she’ll be puzzled as to why “the people” (whose business she was doing – /snarc) would do this to her, an “elite”.

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