Passengers Flee in Panic as Commuter Reads Bible Aloud on London Train

What he said:


“If it had been a moozie sitting there reading from the Koran, the passengers would have sat quietly and attentive until the bomb went off.”


Breitbart: Commuters travelling in South-West London experienced delays Monday morning after passengers on a train forced open the doors and ran onto the tracks to escape a man with a bible.

The incident took place near Wimbledon station, as a passenger on a packed commuter train started reading lines from the bible. Another passenger asked the man to stop because he was “scaring” others, but it was already too late and panic had set in.

An eyewitness to the incident told The Guardian newspaper the “well-spoken and calm” preacher started reading from the old testament and told the carriage: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to talk to you about something and that something is the word of the Lord, Jesus Christ. He’s here to heal your sins. The Bible tells you that homosexuality is a sin and sex before marriage is a sin. You need to repent.”  MORE


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  1. on the Red Line in Boston there’s a Haitian gentleman who gets on each car, walks the length of it screaming about ‘Have you been saved !!!!!??? (it’s hard to understand him- he has quite a fire and brimstone rant that is garbled by his accent and rather shrill delivery.) starts talking about Je-SUS (always said with that emphasis.). he is quite loud and seems sort of aggressive- but he’s not. he gets off a car at each stop and boards another car to do the same- and as he leaves he thanks everyone and says “god bless”. he never confronts any individual and everyone pretty much ignores him. never seen anyone run from him or confront him.

  2. It’s a fascinating book, poorly understood by the majority, basically a synopsis of one man and his family.

  3. It only takes about a year to read the entire Bible, at about 3 or 4 chapters a day. If you call yourself a Christian, you should do it at least once. I’ve done it with 2 translations, and this year I’m reading the King James Bible.

    As for you Roman Catholics, thanks to William Tyndale, you, too, can read the entire Bible.

    As for your problem with Seventh Day Adventist, read them Acts 20:7, and I Cor. 16:2

  4. @geeknerd – Re: Seventh Day Adventists problem:

    I just tell ’em I’m a Seventh Day Atheist, and they leave me alone.

    (I’m kidding. That would just encourage them to try to save my soul. The best way to get rid of them? Tell ’em you’re Jewish.)


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