Pelosi likens ‘Dreamers’ to Holocaust victims after shutdown defeat – IOTW Report

Pelosi likens ‘Dreamers’ to Holocaust victims after shutdown defeat

American Mirror; Nancy Pelosi cast an analogy on Monday that effectively likened illegal immigrant so-called “Dreamers” with children killed during the Holocaust.

Speaking to reporters after the Democrats caved and ended their federal government shutdown, the House Minority Leader said America is not a “Sophie’s Choice nation” — a reference to a novel about a mother who had to decide which of her children the Nazis would kill in a concentration camp.  watch

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  1. It’s a good thing that Nans is here to explain things. I totally missed the parallels between the Nazis torturing and murdering their own citizens and repubs not being willing to reward illiterate 35 year old criminal foreign nationals soaking up welfare with citizenship. Get bent Nans, you’re an imbecile.

  2. I hope someone is collecting all these snippets to put into ads this year. She’s bacteria. And I hope she spreads her germs all over the 2018 dem candidates.

  3. Funny, I don’t see them walking around with a little taco armband instead of the Star of David;although, a lot of them have tattoos to begin with, so I can understand some of Nancy’s confusion

  4. And yet I’ll bet that Steven Spielberg will still send her campaign donations.

    That’s how sick these people are.

  5. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS, daft Nancy. Until she has her mansions full of these poor little kids, she needs to shut the hell up. Put YOUR life and personal wallet in the line for them. I hear some fresh young gangsters are being shipped in to the US.

  6. I must not be The Party’s target demographic. Again.

    Nancy says Americans won’t support Nazi extermination camps. I agree. Because, just like in WW II, we’re more efficient than the Nazis.

  7. Granny Nan needs to keep talking, rambling on and on, in front of a battery of cameras, day after day, on every topic. Like Barky was the country’s best arms salesman, Granny Nan is the best tool Repubs have for the midterms.

  8. what’s missing from this debate about all these dreamers ?

    it’s the dreamers parents and their culpability in all this upheaval over the results of their breaking the law with total disregard for the consequences brought on their children.
    they never even applied for their citizenship after they were here.

    it’s almost as if they did not purposefully become citizens so they wouldn’t have to contribute tax money to the welfare and upkeep of their children, right ?

    but schumer. grahm andpPelosi thinks that ok, but don’t you not pay your taxes.

  9. There is just no moral equivalency. She is disgusting to have even tried to make such a comparison. My prayer is God takes her soon to face His justice.

  10. @bill January 23, 2018 at 8:14 am

    > what’s missing from this debate about all these dreamers ?
    > it’s the dreamers parents and their culpability in all this

    Grifters’ rules: Never admit the scam.

    How did the “children” (thirty years ago) get here, illegally? American citizens who drop a fetus “overseas” are gifted American citizenship for their foreign born offspring. America’s smaht, like that.

    Did the DREAMER’s parents put them in a box and ship them to an American address? Did they slip over the border, as a family outing, and just leave their precious DREAMER on somebody’s doorstep? Or did something else happen? Always.

    And what happens if you make a cute, little, future Oppenheimer an American citizen? A future Oppenheimer who has first degree relatives that are not American citizens? How big a village does it take to farm a DREAMER?

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