Philadelphia Grave Diggers Cannot Keep Up With Murder Rate – IOTW Report

Philadelphia Grave Diggers Cannot Keep Up With Murder Rate

20 Comments on Philadelphia Grave Diggers Cannot Keep Up With Murder Rate

  1. Please spare me the gratuitous comment “the violence is a result of decades of Democrat rule in Philadelphia.”
    I’m fairly confident there are other contributing factors. And yes, I despise the dems as much as anybody.

  2. Preposterous bullshit.

    361 murders so far this year. That’s about 2/3 of a grave needed a day.

    4 a day works out to about 920 murders to date. And that’s 1 grave yard.

  3. Who cares? It’s just Democrats killing other Democrats anyway.

  4. Just look at who the grave diggers are, and it’s easy to see why it’s such a “struggle”. Patronage jobs aren’t supposed to involve any actual work yo’!

  5. “…admitting he was once part of the city’s gun violence problem.”

    Had to throw “gun” in there. Just say it was “gang violence.” Then again, that would make the city and its spineless mayor look bad.

  6. Look at the upside. Saves the taxpayers a lot of money not to have to feed a thug for 30 years in prison.

  7. Non-murdered dead people have to be buried, too.
    The cemetery workers are probably unionized (being PA) so they’re not going to do actual work any more than two-three hours per week.
    Coffee breaks.
    Beer breaks.
    Meth breaks.
    Smoke breaks.
    Snack time.
    A couple of rest breaks.
    Toilet time.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  8. So true MMinWA. Maybe there is some other massive, unexpected cause of death which they’re trying to hide amongst the homicides.

  9. Meanwhile Jackass Joe can’t tell a grave from a hole in the ground!

  10. I was raised on Kent Rd. in Upper Darby, PA. The Friends was originally a Quaker burial ground… was across the street from me. We played there all the time, never a thought of violence of any kind. Luckily we moved away in 1960 before the neighborhood became ‘diverse’.

  11. Kcir - I swear I don't have Drain Bamage - Yet!

    Soylent Green?

  12. Went to school with a guy that ended up digging graves. Stone cold alcoholic and his nickname is Digger of course.

  13. Dead democraps keep on voting multiple times, anyways – especially in Philthadelphia!

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