Report: Staff Layoffs Tied to Teacher Strikes

Teacher strikes may have succeeded in boosting pay for union members, but they are costing hundreds of support staffers their jobs, according to a new report.

Labor Union Report, a project of former union organizer and labor consultant Peter List, has found that hundreds of librarians and other staff members will be laid off in the wake of mass teacher walkouts. Strikes have proven effective bargaining tactics for union members, garnering larger pay increases, smaller class sizes, and a crackdown on traditionally non-union charter schools from Los Angeles and Denver to Oakland and West Virginia. They have also left school districts scrambling to make cuts elsewhere.

In Denver, the school system’s central office is expected to “cut more than 220 positions.” Those cuts are expected to generate $17 million, a portion of which will be used to pay for the 7 to 11 percent pay raises the union negotiated during its shutdown. In Oakland, 257 positions will be eliminated to save the district $22 million in the next fiscal year. Those jobs will come from beyond its administrative offices and include district secretaries and librarians. List expects these stories to expand as other unions weigh using strikes to extract concessions from school districts.

“As teachers across the nation continue to push for higher salaries and school districts agree to those demands, school budgets become strained,” List writes. “As a result, cuts seem inevitable.”  MORE AT WFB

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  1. I was Staff at ABC and the clowns laid off (that means fired) 21 employees. The next month ABC bought 15 new trucks.

    Go figure.

    CWA doesn’t give a fuck about you. The point was the old union shitbags payed less to the union. New hires pay more. New hires have to pay 10,000 dollars to the union just to get the job. And I’m not kidding. Ten THOUSAND dollars to get the job.

  2. So, we’re supposed to feel sorry for those who blindly/obediently vote democrat then lose their jobs?

  3. The real expense in education isn’t the staff or the teachers. It’s the administration. Of course with all the federal BS they have to adhere to, it’s impossible to thin out the bureaucracy.

  4. Nailed it Lance! Public sector unions are an abomination.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  5. As worthless as union teachers are, those “support” maggots are worse – less than useless.
    Parasites glommed onto the backs of other parasites – and the taxpayers carrying the whole load.

    izlamo delenda est …


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