She brought a Jeep to a snowball fight


A woman was arrested in Seattle on Sunday night after video caught her driving into a group of people having a snowball fight, according to police.

That video, which has been viewed more than half a million times on Facebook, shows a small blue Jeep whipping around in a snowy intersection and then driving off the road and toward a group of people.

“Oh my god,” bystanders can be heard saying in the video, as those in the vehicle’s path scatter.

“This Seattle woman just attempted vehicular manslaughter against me, my brother, and my friends!!” Wieser wrote. “We were having a snowball fight and a snowball hit her blue Jeep, and THIS is how she responded!”

Police performed a field sobriety test on the woman and discovered she was under the influence of marijuana, KIRO reports.


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  1. “Under the influence of pot”

    I’m calling bull shit. I’ve been around a bit. Never seen a violent reaction from anybody stoned on weed. If anything she’d be stealing their food and gigging. Didn’t Seattle just recently approve safe places for idjust to shoot up all kinds of drugs?

  2. They make a big deal of her red hat in the comments. Calling it a MAGA hat. I can’t see it well enough. MAGA = mean racist doncha know

  3. Bad Brad, I’m sorry, but I’ve witnessed violence by pot smokers a number of times. I’m not saying the pot was necessarily a critical factor — some people are just @$$h0le$ no matter what’s in their blood stream, y’know? — but I don’t buy the idea that pot somehow makes violent people less violent. You might consider that the word “assassin” is derived from the Arabic word “hashishin,” the name for a member of a terrorist cult who smoked huge amounts of hashish when he went on his missions.

  4. The Plutonium Kid

    But in all fairness I need to add, my experience comes from my early years. And Pot isn’t the same weed we we’re exposed to then. So who knows. You might be right.

  5. I would be pretty pissed off if my car was hit with a snowball, but trying to run people is way out of line. People are crazy sometimes and you never know who you are dealing with so pelting random people’s cars with snowballs is never a good idea.

  6. Nothing says you’re a rough and tumble fun loving gal like driving a Jeep…. unless its sparkly blue hardtop and an automatic and has a vanity plate that says PRNCESS… (yes I’m being a Jeep snob, WinnRock in Oliver Springs TN is a muddin’ Mecca)

    What the heck was she doing driving around in the snow while stoned? Going for that Star Wars hyperdrive effect?

  7. Oh and big BIG kudos to these guys…. you can tell their daddies raised ’em to never hit a woman, no matter how badly they deserve it.

    Gawd can you imagine if she landed a punch and they returned one, the hellfire that would rain down on them….

  8. Pot is endemic in black neighborhoods but so is violence. If pot had anything to do with eliminating violent tendencies than it isn’t showing yet.


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