The CHAZ Funniest Home Videos


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  1. Everything in a six foot radius of me is now declared to be Muleistan. Or The Foundation, depending on your level of SciFi literacy.

  2. Mule,
    Do you manipulate emotions?
    (yes, I got your Foundation reference)

  3. Oh, the patriarchy!!

    I’m surprised that this trash heap has lasted this long! The average age there does not lend itself to long-term (over a week or so) anything. They just haven’t developed anything one could call perseverance or patience.

    They showed up for the social media opportunities but as soon as most of them find out there are rulz, it’s like, “You’re not the boss of me!! If I wanted that I’d go back to my parents’ basement!”

    I wonder how the organizers feelz about having their utopia disrupted by a bunch of crazy parasites (“the homeless”). Welcome to our world, libtards.

  4. None of this, and I repeat, NONE of this has been, or will be, reported by the propaganda arm of the DNC. Therefore 50%-60% of the population has no clue of the lies and hypocrisy that is the BLM/Antifa/Useful Idiots attack on the United States of America.


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