The “No Kidding” Post That Must Be Made About The “FBI Investigation”

Jeff FFFffffffflake just threatened to give a no vote on confirmation if the left didn’t get their FBI investigation.

They say it will be a week.


The investigation will never end. What’s the over/under on the amount of bints who will come out of the woodwork in that “week”?

One will lead to another until the midterms is upon us.

And if you think the left will be cool with Kavanaugh after an FBI investigation turns up nothing you are a moron.


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  1. I regret that I have but 1 legal vote to give for my country!

    Bunch of f****ing anti-American power hungry and power mongering liberals….no matter what letter comes after their name D/I/R.

  2. Their goal is to get the Mark Judge guy to say that Kavanaugh drank more than he admitted and wasn’t a virgin.

    That’s what they’ve got.

    So they can bribe him to say whatever because he’s evidently a recovering alcoholic working at a Safeway or they can start working on the Leland Keyser woman to get her to recant her sworn statement. I would expect both.

    And, if I were a Republican in charge of moving this forward, I would put both of those people in protective custody to keep Democrats from getting to them and bribing them or threatening them and their families.

  3. Maybe we should let the rage machine keep churning, we win the midterms and seat Kav anyway, I cannot believe the dems will increase their numbers this Nov.

  4. The same FBI that spent 20+ minutes detailing Hillary’s crimes and did nothing? I don’t trust them to find the source of the fruit flies in their lunchroom.

  5. President should tweet a help wanted ad.
    Wanted republican Senatorial candidate to run a primary campaign against establishment republican. Must have proven record of leadership and support for conservative causes ….

    I am sure Flake and other spineless rinos will get the message

  6. People need to leave positive messages for Flake or he’ll vote against it on the floor next week.

    Or else Chris Coons won’t be his baldheaded friend no more! *sniff*

  7. Ford is their Holy Grail.
    If there are additional accusations during that “week” they must be put aside. Because if you can’t get any traction with the CREDIBLE Dr. Ford what is supposed to happen with the new allegations?

    But of course I’m spitting into the wind.
    A “week” delay will spell the end of Kavanaugh.

    Amy Barrett to the courtesy phone… Amy Barrett to the courtesy phone.

  8. Mark Judge need to do a press conference and refute the Ford Pawn.
    Done and dusted.
    I know he already did it in writing at the risk of perjury but for fucks sake…
    AAArrggghhhh! 🙁

  9. Judge won’t talk to the FBI. I listened to one of their mutual friends on a radio show, and he said that Mark Judge was frequently “in a bad place” although he’s “in a good place” now. Judge also knows that any involvement will result in his unwilling participation in a public political shit storm from which he has no chance of benefiting and every chance of having his life adversely altered forever.

    Judge has already said what he needed to say: “I don’t recall any such party or gathering, and we did not sexually assault Ford or anyone else.” Anything else will open him up to an examination of his life on the guise of determining credibility, and it’s obvious he neither wants nor needs that.

  10. Tried calling Flake’s office in DC and his arizona offices……either busy or the mailboxes are full.

    Yes, a full blown flake….. what a useless, traitorous glory hound.

  11. He voted Aye!

    He bamboozled the dems to get into the meeting to have a vote, and get the whole issued out of committee.

    The Red State dems are the ones that have to worry now.

    Although I never, ever thought I’d come to the defense of Flake or Graham, in the end, they’re stepping up.

    (yet that could change tomorrow)

  12. Prediction: On Tuesday, before anything from the FBI, the Washington Post will publish a report with an entirely different type of vile allegation against Judge K. Probably something non-criminal e.g. 5 credible witnesses heard him use the N word at a party within the last year. Then the scummy Ds will scream that the Senate cannot vote, and that further investigations and hearings are required.

  13. McConnell should just say that prior to any delays, the unredacted information related to any and all payouts from the taxpayer funded, Congressional slush fund for sexual harassment will be released.

  14. Folks, if you haven’t figured it out, we’re at war. Some on the left are serious about it. ( Kavanaugh won’t be the end. The midterms won’t be the end. They want you replaced/dead or both. Please, have your “No Shit” moment soon and get prepared. Sit down and realistically go through the possible paths from here. There is no cavalry coming. “Q” isn’t coming down from the sky to save you and yours. Nope – I’m not spewing doom porn. Just being a realist.
    There is no Santa Claus.
    There is no Easter Bunny.
    There are people that hate you and want you dead.
    Understand that. Embrace that. Prepare yourself for that.
    Even an effeminate soy boy/girl/whatever can get lucky and put a bullet in your brain and ruin your day.
    Clacking away on a keyboard solves/accomplishes next to nothing.
    What have YOU done today to prepare you and yours?
    Es kommt.

  15. Didn’t the FBI already decline to investigate this due to lack of merit? Why should they do it now.

    Term limits need to happen now, these sick demmie and RINO fucks are going to succeed at ruining this country if we don implement them.

  16. @HotSalsa – Thanks for the URL of Flake’s contact page. I just did as you suggested and tried to leave a polite message (see below), but wouldn’t you know it, here’s the result:


    Normal service will return soon.

    Here’s my message. Kindly note that what I wanted to write was a foul-mouthed tirade full of insults, but I knew that would have no effect, whereas there is a chance, a miniscule chance to be sure, that a polite exhortation might get through the filters:

    Dear. Sen. Flake,

    I am happy to assume that your desire for an FBI investigation into the allegations of sexual misconduct by Judge Kavanaugh is based on your desire to be as confident as possible that he is completely suitable for the position of Associate Justice on the Supreme Court. Sad to say, some of your Democratic colleagues are clearly demanding such an investigation for purely pastisan reasons and are displaying a troubling degree of cynicism and disingenuousness. Please do not allow those colleagues to influence your ultimate vote whether or not to confirm Judge Kavanaugh. I trust you not to do any further damage to him and his family by voting against his confirmation unless you have very definite and specific evidence of his unsuitability.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    [name redacted]

  17. WiscoDave, if you make it to my area of the country I can take you to my locked safe and show you what I have done. And I also know where I can go where I can get meat and water without electricity. Send those people my way and I will hold my own.

  18. Al, a few typos:
    “some of your democrat colleagues” should be “most” or “all.”

    “Pastisan” was of course partisan.

    I would also add:
    “In closing, FUCK YOU very much you limp-dicked asswagon.”

  19. First, the FBI investigation. Second, the Congressional witch hunt, where it’s claimed you lied to the FBI. Third, you go to jail while the whole process is in it’s second year.
    Collusion, part II.

  20. The FBI is investigating Flake? Good call. Any parent who raises children who call black people niggers online needs to be thoroughly investigated.

    Kids learn that kind of behavior at home. How many times has Flake called black people niggers? We know his son does all the time. Shouldn’t the FBI investigate this obvious child abuser?

  21. @Hunter:
    Amen. I’ll hold my own for as long as I am given. Not optimistic about my chances but I’ll make my stand and do what I can. Have some that will stand with me.
    Reach out, quietly, to those of like minds near you. Build a tribe.
    You probably know all this already. Surprisingly many do not.
    Your offer is appreciated. Same extended here.
    Contact me if you want through BFH or, look around the ‘net. You just might find me.

  22. The FBI hates Trump…where would they take a investigation of Judge Kavanaugh? Directly to Muller and bums. This is just the same BS the left is using to stall and if you can’t see it your a democrat. The republicans need to go downtown to the local strip joint district and find a few ladies to attack Schumer with sexual assault from his high school days and see how far they take that.

  23. something is going down- the swat clothed mattress police were seen assembling outside Mark Judge’s home. It looks serious this time.

  24. if you think the left will be cool with Kavanaugh after an FBI investigation turns up nothing you are a moron

    So, you’re saying I should really, really vote?

  25. Vote to confirm Kavanaugh tomorrow as claimed would happen.

    If any RINOs vote NO, burn their clothes with them in them!

    If the Leftists want to investigate Kavanaugh after he’s confirmed, they could impeach him, there’s that.
    If that’s not good enough, recall how obamacare was enacted into Law. There was not one IOTA of “bi-partisanship” !!!!!!!!!!!

  26. @LocoBlancoSaltine (at 3:26 pm): And what, may I ask, is incorrect about Uncle Al making mention of the proud and honorable nation of Pastisan? I’ll have you know that we Pastafarians are highly offended by anyone who would dare to cast asparagus upon our sacred Homeland!

  27. President Trump” “I’ve ordered the FBI to conduct a supplemental investigation to update Judge Kavanaugh’s file.” According to FOX just now.
    Watch for more accusations. This can go on for ever.

  28. A hope?

    I suspect something happened to Ford at some point. She is not, now, lying exactly. She is subject to transference. I don’t think Kavanaugh, Judge, PJ or the Keyser woman were at Ford’s “party trauma.”

    Ford’s school did NOT party with Kavanaugh’s school. The “Catholic mafia” — male and female — partied and stuck together. ….and that ain’t Ford’s crowd!

    I don’t know what the Dems might do, if I’m right, but good and right and honest doesn’t come quickly to my mind. Watch for this. ….Lady in Red

  29. My mood right now is rage and disgust. If that fucking cat comes near me again I’m going to drop kick the bitch right out the window and into the bushes.

  30. OH GAWD…ENOUGH *EMOTING* (to express emotion, especially in an excessive or theatrical manner) ALREADY!!!
    Try this (from Larry Schweikart) on for size:

    1) Ok, some realities. First, Grassley was brilliant. He did NOT agree with Flakey’s suggestion for a week’s delay and FBI investigation. He simply called the vote.
    2) The vote to favorably recommend Judge K out was 11-10, with Flakey voting for it—possibly thinking Grassley had agreed to it. But he didn’t.
    3) Now the entire matter is in Yertle’s hands and out of Grassley’s hands.
    4) Next up, tomorrow we will see the Ds begin to filibuster and stall, and Yertle will call for cloture.
    5) There is a mandated delay between the call for a cloture vote and the vote itself, which by Senate rules will happen MONDAY.
    6) Here is where the rubber meets the road. If Flakey is serious about voting against K, he would vote no on cloture. But that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.
    7) Even without Flakey, if Yertle has Tom Collins and MurCowSki on board, he can win the cloture vote.
    8) That would tell us Flakey is a no, but wouldn’t necessarily tell us how Tom Collins and MurCowSki would vote.
    9) However, I don’t think a “no” vote on the floor would be a “yes” on cloture. In other words, I think we’ll know MONDAY the final vote. A person wanting to vote no on K would almost certainly NOT vote for cloture.”

  31. @Ted Nougat- ““They say it will be a week.”

    Don’t forget the wisdom of Whimpie-
    ‘I will gladly pay you on Tuesday for a hamburger today’

  32. President Trump just made a huge mistake imo. He should have told McConnell to hold the vote. You know what the demorats are going to do, claim that the President interfered with a FBI investigation.
    I would much rather lose the battle as to lose the war, this makes it a greater possibility we will lose the war.

    Does anyone honestly believe this bitch will be available for an interview within a week? When the FBI says we couldn’t complete the investigation, what the hell does everyone think the demorats will say? What does everyone think the corrupt FBI will say? The President is keeping us from conducting a thorough investigation.

    The vote should have been held, if he went down, he went down. Politically that would have fired up the base, that would have gotten voters to swallow the bile in their throat and vote for anyone with an R after their name.

    If demorats get control, our President will be impeached and this decision will probably be the nail they use in the coffin.

  33. “Does anyone honestly believe this bitch will be available for an interview within a week?”

    don’t matter … the FBI report will just state she ‘would not cooperate’ … which goes to ‘she’s hiding something’ … interview closed

    I heard tonight that the FBI can’t force anyone to talk to them because it’s not a criminal investigation. If true and as it came from some dude on FOX I’m not taking it as 100% true, but if true that is interesting and sounds like the FBI can actually do less than the Committee was able to do.

    Of course that’s also with a FBI that is not corrupt and I don’t see that we have that FBI.

    I figure before the week is over Kavanaugh is going to be accused of raping kids in Russia.

    I still feel the worst for that Mark Judge guy, he’s not a public figure and sounds like he has a lot of mental issues who certainly doesn’t deserve what they’ve done to him.

  35. Write the above and then go over to GP and see this:

    USA Today Smears Kavanaugh as Child Molester, Runs Column Saying Keep Him Away From Coaching Kids

    The nation is deeply divided. Sometimes it feels like we don’t agree on anything anymore. But credibly accused sex offenders should not coach youth basketball, girls or boys, without deeper investigation. Can’t we all agree on that?

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