Trump Administration Proposes ‘Blue Apron-Style’ Program to Deliver Food to SNAP Recipients

Breitbart: The Trump administration proposed a plan that would deliver food items to food stamp recipients as part of their benefits package.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) noted that under the plan, which is included in the 2019 budget, those receiving more than $90 a month in benefits would receive “nutritious, U.S.-grown and produced food” in a “Harvest Box” that would make up half of a recipient’s allotted benefits for the month. The rest of the benefits would be placed on electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards for use at grocery stores as is allowed under the current SNAP system.

Budget Director Mick Mulvaney described the Trump administration’s “Harvest Box” proposal as a “Blue Apron-style program” where recipients receive food instead of cash vouchers.

The agency estimates that 16.4 million households enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) —about 81 percent of SNAP enrollees—would be affected by this policy.  read more

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  1. Food instead of lottery tickets, cigarettes, soda pop and candy! No cash for drugs? It’s downright unacceptable. They won’t stand for it.

  2. How many readers remember the government food program that was based on surplus foods? Those who needed food actually got good food that came from American food producers that the federal government subsidized from sources to processors; then distributed where needed. Yes, the US used to have oodles of edible surplus that many actual sources benefited financially from. But needy people actually got fed, if they actually used their food allotments to keep their families from going hungry. This allegedly new food distribution program idea isn’t really so new!

  3. NO DOUBT the first person to complain about healthy food options being “racist” will come from our retired FOOD NAZI, Michelle Obama.

  4. Once again I am impressed with Trup’s brilliance. Dems have been complaint for years that food stamp recipients would eat heathly if they only had a way. They blackmailed my kids school to trash their excellent lunches forcing me to pack healthy lunches every day since. How can they possibly argue against this. Yes most of the food will get throw out but they were totally cool with that for school kids.

  5. Instapundit nails it:

    PEOPLE: Poor people live in “food deserts” and can’t get anything good to eat.

    TRUMP: Okay, let’s send them food boxes instead of SNAP cards.

    PEOPLE: That’s terrible and racist!

  6. At the very least, those that use to give 40 cents on the dollar for SNAP cards are going to have to instead trade in fresh vegies and health food items now. That will get rid of the food deserts.

  7. A friend of mine posted this on facebook. Some libidiot commented that she wouldn’t have been able to cook the food when she was homeless. Like she would have a mailing address or be able to pay for a PO box. Then she whined that the food would probably not be gmo free.
    Like homeless and food stamp recipients look for gmo free food among the soda and cheez its.

  8. Two questions:

    Who is delivering the food? Hopefully some workfare people.

    Why only half the allotment to the Harvest Box? I’d go at least 80%.

  9. Bowl of oatmeal.
    Bowl of cornmeal.
    Bowl of Skip-a-meal.

    That’s what po’fokes used to get.

    Somebody in the White House is reading iOTWR – cuz this was discussed some time ago.

    Form soup kitchens … or stew kitchens.
    Bowl of stew, slice of bread, and a cup of milk.
    Bring the whelps and consume on the spot (to decrease littering).
    Trade for drugs or money – get nothing – PERIOD.
    Watch the rolls of the “needy” decrease.
    Watch the Demonrats die of apoplexy.


    “We want to relieve want, not to supply indolence.”
    (Solon of Athens, ~500 BC)

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. When I was very young my dad, who was laid off from his logging job, our family of eight had to rely on supplemental food for a short time. It was a low, low, point to have to take it because there was a stigma attached to getting generic blocks of cheese, powdered milk, beans, canned fruit, etc. in a cardboard box. I think back to Franklin’s quote of making people uncomfortable in their poverty and providing them with a strong incentive for not being so. Even today, I would rather starve than take a freebie from the government.

    That’s why the Lefties and others in gov’t changed food stamps to EBT cards — to take away whatever healthy shame might exist that would have created an incentive for a lot of people to think about their own situations and not get so comfortable with a monthly, pre-loaded spending card.

    Food boxes are an excellent way to help people make the connection between where they are in life and who is sustaining them. It’s way more personal.

  11. When I was a wee lad, my parents fell on tough times. The gov’t food box was a welcome sight to us kids, but Mom and Dad wanted to get out of it as fast as they could. Mom took a part-time job for the duration.

  12. I hope this program goes through because I absolutely LOVE Sonny Perdue, Secy of Ag! And I want to hear him in front of the press — the guy is brilliant.

  13. Convenience stores ramp up outcry, because even with the occasional looting and burning, rioting and shooting, the EBT fraud is a scam like no other.

  14. Small rural communities have ‘commodities’ handed out once a month. Dried beans, rice, canned goods etc. and they also have EBT cards…plus welfare payments. It works out so good for one family in my little community that they also have 6 horses…..It’s not very expensive to feed and maintain 6 horses is it?….LOL…

  15. There is a Lutheran Church here in town, every Thursday, free food.
    I have a couple of friends who are forced to participate.
    They tell me there is a LOT of stuff left because black people won’t eat it.
    They aren’t really hungry then, are they?

    I have tried and tried to find it, a NatGeo film.
    They trekked way out, a fellow there spoke English, to their surprise.
    He had been a merchant seaman.
    He had one wish, would they please tell the tribe that in America, the poor people are indeed fat.

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