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What Happens When the “Silent Majority” Rebels?


This possibility envisions an American life marked not so much by escalating political violence (although there will still be some) than by general distrust and dysfunction. In it, millions of Americans — not just conservatives, but non-leftists in general — will treat their woke overlords like hostile colonial occupiers. More

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  1. We’re too far gone. Hopefully, those of us over 50 can live out our lives under a system of government we inherited. Those under 50 have no chance of living the American dream.

  2. According to our tyrannical overlords, we’re already in a state of rebellion.

    Speaking the truth is a revolutionary act, as someone once said.
    Recognizing that elections are being stolen is rebellion.
    Perceiving that our legal structure is so obviously corrupt is an act of sedition.
    Acknowledging that our economy is being systematically sabotaged is rebellion.
    Knowing that inflation is a gov’t policy is rebellion.
    Understanding that our “supply chain issues” are policy undermines our enemy’s narrative.
    Pointing out graft, corruption, and perversion in our “elected” officials is rebellion.

    Some are in prison. A few are dead. The Media is a tool of the government.
    The greedy, avaricious, corrupt, perverted maggots consider it rebellion to attempt to invoke the Constitution.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Well, hostile colonial occupiers is what they are. And to say we are funding them. How about a tax strike.

  4. Absolutely NO ONE, including global leaders and populations, should be trusting on the Biden Regime since he and his in-house accomplices are wholly dysfunctional, a threat to the living, and saturated with hubris and mega-greed they would kill their own children to get their twisted evil needs met with power, glory, and (more) money. Joe Biden himself, a predator who molested his young daughter, has a long history of failing and lying, a polluted character who has never had power nor political muscle and steals what he wants then blames others for his actions. Joe Biden is evil through and through with a soul as black as tar pitch.

  5. “We made it clear to the said Government that we would never bow to its outrageous laws. No clapping is possible without two hands to do it, and no quarrel without two persons to make it. Similarly, no State is possible without two entities (the rulers and the ruled). You are our sovereign, our Government, only so long as we consider ourselves your subjects. When we are not subjects, you are not the sovereign either. So long as it is your endeavor to control us with justice and love, we will let you do so. But if you wish to strike at us from behind, we cannot permit it. Whatever you do in other matters, you will have to ask our opinion about the laws that concern us. If you make laws to keep us suppressed in a wrongful manner and without taking us into confidence, these laws will merely adorn the statute-books.We will never obey them. Award us for it what punishment you like, we will put up with it. Send us to prison and we will live there as in a paradise. Ask us to mount the scaffold and we will do so laughing. Shower what sufferings you like upon us, we will calmly endure all and not hurt a hair of your body. We will gladly die and will not so much as touch you. But so long as there is yet life in these our bones, we will never comply with your arbitrary laws.”
    -Mohandas Gandhi


  6. Most Americans are complacent, comfortable and not doing anything to significantly make a change so they don’t upset their personal apple cart. They Willingly sit by while their liberties, Constitution and Nation is ignored and attacked from within, even though they do not support those who are making the societal changes.

    I would guess those who will cause change will be a similar percentage of the population that choose to serve in the Military. What is it these days 2 or 3 % ?

    It was Martin Luther King who changed the plight of Black Americans with a significant effort by Black rabble rousers and militants, Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Bobby Seale, Angela Davis, Eldridge Cleaver, Stokely Carmichael, Fred Hampton and many others who resorted to militarization and violence.

    Martine Luther King was the foundation, the Black Panthers were the catalyst that increased the rate of a reaction to make real change. The major changes that occurred was the direct result of the Black Panther’s Violence broadcast Nation-wide.

    Just a little history of how change happens with a reluctant Government.

    You can wait 100 years like the majority of Black America for slow incremental change to increase their freedom and liberty.
    Or, as it happened, in a matter of a few short years of strife, sit-ins, marches, beatings, murders, effective speakers and the violence of the Black Panthers change happened was implemented by a reluctant Government.

  7. The silent majority will remain silent, as they have for over 50 years.

    It is the 2 to 3 % of Rabble rousers and effective leadership that will cause change.

  8. @cato June 22, 2022 at 8:10 am

    > and effective leadership

    Ahhh, there’s the rub.

    When “We want moar! Of the same! With different faces! And tits!” is what the rabble rousers are willing to pay for, more of the same is what they will receive. After the checks clear, of course.

  9. Teach your children a valuable trade or skill which cannot be performed by third world border crashers. Teach them how to make or repair some things. Teach them to save more and consume less. The beast requires dependency and wastefulness to control. The less one needs from it, the more autonomy one has. There there many scraps of freedom to be found just lying on the ground, but one must always be looking for them, saving them and using them.

  10. Its never going to happen . We are a country of cowards anymore. Yeah, there might be some God fearing , Patriotic Love of America good ol boys left but they are few and far between. These wusp’s we have now care more about the big new trucks and homes then they do about our country and they would NEVER rebel . They can’t take a punch. Patriotic fearless men died back in the 80’s. Go along to get along. I agree with Anonymous on everything he said.

  11. Wise leadership, etc all sounds nice but when the evil people control the machine and too few brave people who are somehow elected despite that, it just gets worse.

    We need to make a stand where we are and refuse to be cancelled but mostly pray and trust God has a plan.

  12. Did the “silent majority” of Romans rebel as the government provided “bread and circuses” while importing “barbarians”?
    Read “Atlas Shrugged”. They are using it as a script.
    Is Donald Trump or Elon Musk our “John Galt”?

  13. @ Cato
    That be 1/2% mil.
    We live in interesting times. The traders know their time is limited and they are desperate and dangerous. They have no problem sacrificing children for their goals, but they will pay at some point. Have you noticed each event they set up the narrative falls apart faster than the ones before?

  14. Last line of the article, ” We should, in short, change who runs the country.”

    What is not said is how. That is left for us to decide. But if “They” control the means as to “who”, that leaves us with fewer options.


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