When it comes to Fascism, Joe hates half-measures – IOTW Report

When it comes to Fascism, Joe hates half-measures

Patriot Retort:

The other day, Joe Biden accused “MAGA Republicans” of being semi-fascists. But since Joe Biden has taken to fascism like a duck to water, I can only conclude Joe’s objection is that “MAGA Republicans” aren’t fascist enough for him.

Why give only 50% when you can pull out all the stops and go all-in on fascism?

How else do you explain the fact that just one day after letting the American people know that he is forcing them to bail out the student loan debt of people making as much as $125,000 a year, he accuses Republicans being “semi-fascists?”

It isn’t fascism that Joe Biden opposes. He just hates half-measures.

A semi-fascist would never order private companies to fire their employees if they don’t get the COVID vaccine.

But someone who fully embraces fascism certainly would.

A semi-fascist wouldn’t use the DOJ and FBI to target political opponents and protect himself and his family.

But someone fully on board the Fascism Train wouldn’t hesitate. more

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  2. The typically and chronically stupid slob known as Joe Biden who initiated numerous tyranical terrorist policies, creeds, and demands upon the American citizenry including engineered inflation and recession.

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