Why Won’t Obama Set the Record Straight on His Administration’s Separation of Families?


The Office of Refugee Resettlement’s public numbers however show that nearly 200,000 children were referred by the DHS between fiscal year 2012 to fiscal year 2016.

DHS told TheDC it does not keep specific data from this period on the number of children separated from their families as a result of the Obama administration’s policy, but the data bolsters a claim made by DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Monday. Nielsen insisted to reporters at the White House that both the Obama and Bush administrations separated families at the border.

The Trump administration has defended the policy, noting that the only other option they have is to schedule an immigration court date and release the entire family unit into the interior. The practice, known as “catch and release,” has resulted in the release of nearly 500,000 illegal immigrants from Central America into the U.S. interior. U.S. authorities do not actively track illegals once they have been released.

Family separation in particular has been heavily scrutinized by the U.S. press in recent days with particular focus on the detention conditions of children.


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  1. Why won’t a Democrat take responsibility for something he did that is now being used against a Republican? Oh, that is a good one!

  2. Don’t expect No Momma Obama to admit anything hell his own mother didn’t want him. Wasn’t he pawned off to his grandmother, you know the one he referred to as a “typical white person.” And she pawned him off on Frank Marshall Davis.

    Isn’t Frank Marshall Davis, a self admitted pedo?

  3. I remember when the Train of Death pulled up at the border, Barky was ready with converted hotels, and other repurposed buildings all over the country, and the media was filled with glowing accounts about the wonderful facilities, accompanied by pretty pictures of these little Potemkin villages.

    Of course, most detention centers were not as nice as the ones in the pictures, and they were way out in the sticks, but the media helpfully turned a blind eye to them, as Barky quietly secreted his little brown helpers throughout the country to spread third world diseases. No wonder he doesn’t want to talk about it.

  4. Two reasons: Barry can not tell the truth, and he is not straight (in any of the different common ways to define straight)


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